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PF Slogans: Top 25

The top 25 slogans. I pared down the list by deleting those that didn't have much immediate appeal. From here I will find some way to narrow the list down to 10, at which point I'm going to use a patent-pending decision-making algorithm to help me choose the best. Andy, Brad, and Nick will as well and we'll have our slogan.

Throughout the day I'm going to update this post by either making some entries bold (good) or striking through them (bad). When ten are bold and fifteen are stricken, I'll move on.

  1. Like Orange Juice for your mind. (not topical)
  2. Freshly squeezed news.
  3. Content Squeezed Fresh Daily ("content" is pretty bland)
  4. RSS for the rest of us (overused)
  5. Keeping your eyes peeled for you (sounds like a personal safety device)
  6. Keeping news fresh (no, we download fresh news)
  7. Freshly Squeezed Syndication
  8. Juice the Web (sounds like a scraper or a "browse faster" app)
  9. Putting Simple Back In Really Simple Syndication
  10. Content At Your Fingertips (too vague)
  11. Pulp-Free Syndication Squeezed Daily
  12. All your news are belong to us! (funny, but only to a few)
  13. The Web: Fresh Every Day (bland, plus syndication != Web?)
  14. All the news, all the time. (... and you're watching CNN.)
  15. Strain your news. (strain your poo)
  16. Content poured fresh daily. ("content" again)
  17. Hand Picked News
  18. Aggregate. Consume. Produce. (wtf is "aggregate" the masses wondered...)
  19. Separating the Pulp from the Rest. (too much pulp)
  20. PulpFiction: It's bright. It's orange. It's news.
  21. Real. Simple. Syndication made fresh.
  22. Your News, Freshly Squeezed.
  23. 100% Personalized Web. You'll need to add water. (too long)
  24. 100% of your recommended daily dose of news.
  25. The web, from concentrate.

The final 10:

  1. Freshly Squeezed News
  2. Freshly Squeezed Syndication
  3. Putting Simple Back In Really Simple Syndication
  4. Pulp-Free News Squeezed Daily
  5. Hand Picked News
  6. It's Bright. It's Orange. It's News
  7. Real. Simple. Syndication Made Fresh
  8. Your News, Freshly Squeezed
  9. 100% of Your Recommended Daily Dose of News
  10. The Web, from Concentrate

Here, then, are the results:

         Erik    Andy    Nick    Brad   | Total
A        2       3       1       7      |  13
B        0       8       2       4      |  14
C        3       6       6       2      |  17
D        6       1       6       0      |  13
E        3       1       5       5      |  14
F        9       5       8       1      |  23
G        4       4       5       4      |  17
H        7       9       3       9      |  28
I        3       2       9       7      |  21
J        8       6       0       6      |  20

This puts the top three as: "Your News, Freshly Squeezed", "It's Bright. It's Orange. It's News", and "100% of Your Recommended Daily Dose of News". I'm not sure what we'll do now, but our slogan is bound to be one of those.

21 Responses to "PF Slogans: Top 25"

  1. 23 and 24 are cute.

  2. How about ... Pulp-free Syndication Squeezed Daily?

  3. Well you can't "do" RDF exactly as it's a framework for meta-data in XML applications.

  4. We are not accepting new slogans. James, seriously, that's what you spent time typing?

  5. I like 24 and 7, though I wonder if people new to news readers will actually know what syndication means WRT the web.

  6. 24, f0 shizzle.

  7. Of those bolded, I would go with:

    "Your News, Freshly Squeezed"


    "Pulp-Free Syndication" and leave off the "Freshly Squeezed" on the end (just doesn't seem to fit).

    That's just my opinion though.

  8. I like Your news, freshly squeezed.

    I'm not a big fan of any of the slogans with the word "pulp" in them for two reasons. One, "pulp" will show up twice, in close proximity to itself, which wouldn't be a big deal, except... two, what *is* pulp WRT RSS? It's just a weird metaphor, especially to be repeated so close together (As in, "PulpFiction: Pulp-Free Syndication" -- what?!).

    If the target audience is the middle-of-the-road Mac user, who uses Mail and not something more complicated, I think the word "news" is better than "syndication," just bc a lot of people have no idea what syndication is.

  9. Disclaimer: I have an entry in the top 10.

    My concern with #24 / new #9 is that, to the unfamiliar, it's going to seem like the news sources (feeds) are built-in. The "your recommended daily news" part rubs me the wrong way.

  10. I know "CONTENT Poured Fresh Daily" was abandoned because "content" is supposedly a bland word (although it is a good descriptor for a newsreader), but why not just drop the word content and go with:

    "Poured Fresh Daily"

    Which fits what the application actually does.

    Just my [not so] humble opinion.

  11. I don't think *anyone* is thick enough to think the news is "built in."

    Also, no offense, but the purpose of a tagline is to give a quick, catchy summary of the product. What do "bright" and "orange" (F) have to do with that?

  12. Becky, the purpose of a tagline is to attract people to the product, to read more about it, etc. If a tagline makes people laugh or makes them curious, then it's served its purpose. You don't see every car advertised as "gets you from place to place" do you?

    Poured Fresh Daily isn't too bad. It is too late, however.

  13. "The Web, from concentrate" is by far my favorite, so yeah =/

  14. J.

  15. Becky: The tagline doesn't have to describe the product, it just has to stick in people's mind when they're leaving our web page, so they'll check back (just like those annoying jingles on TV and radio).

  16. I'm honoured to have made the top ten. Of your final three, though, I have to say that the best is Your News, Freshly Squeezed.

  17. It looks like my friend Gabe has won. Gabe has his own blog over at Yes, the IP resolves to the same host as this blog's. Hmm. I'm not sure Gabe has ever won anything… José usually beats him out. 🙂 Congratulations to Gabe! He can collect his prize the next time he drives over to my house for a pizza.

  18. I'd like to thank the Academy... 😛

  19. I, too, am honored to have made the top ten. But, I do agree with your choice. "Your News, Freshly Squeezed." is best. 😉

  20. Yeah, yeah. I usually beat Gabe out. What can I say? I had a creative slump... Oh well, I'm still more creative 😛

  21. I've got some code for a UI app I never finished. It's more a process than anything else. I'd like to convert it to a console app to be run on the command-line. Clearly, I lack the time right now...