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Win $25 in iTunes Music

Want to win $25 in iTunes music gift certificates? I'm having a little contest. The rules are very simple: rewrite one page on Freshly Squeezed Software's site. The Rock Star page is pretty darn bland - pictures of a keyboard and a television? It doesn't pop. It's got no sizzle. The MailDrop and FTPeel pages pop. They sizzle. Rock Star is a game, and currently our FTP client looks more fun! 🙂

The contest is simple: redo Rock Star's main page. Clearly you will need to keep the top. The right. The bottom. Basically, change anything inside of <div id="content">. Host the page somewhere and post a URL in the comments, or create an image as viewed in Safari and post that URL (or email it to me).

The contest ends Saturday evening.

Substitutions are possible. For example, a license to Rock Star + FTPeel is a substitution we'd gladly make. If you win, just make a suggestion.

4 Responses to "Win $25 in iTunes Music"

  1. blah... I can't type! I even forgot the rest of my post....

    I was plea for anyone who does a redesign please test the redesign in a few other browsers... and make sure you valadiate it.

  2. The existing page validates.

  3. I updated the page a little myself… since nobody cares to take a stab at the contest yet. 🙂

  4. Erik, I didn't mean to imply the existing page didn't validate... just that any of the contestants that would have taken a stab should ALWAYS make sure their code validates... no enough people take pride in coding HTML... to me its like selling an app you written that doesn't even compile... sig