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Small PHP Project

I have a small PHP/MySQL project for someone who's interested. The project is - primarily - a back-end "admin" area for a project I'm working on. It loosely relates to PulpFiction. Anyone who is interested should IM me. If you're skilled with PHP and MySQL, this work should take about three to four hours. We're not paying a lot because I could get around to it eventually, but we are flexible if you'd like non-monetary reimbursement. 😉

I'm offering this up because I've got other things on which to spend my time these days… Y'know, until May 15 or so. 🙂

4 Responses to "Small PHP Project"

  1. I could help out if it won't take too long. I have a lot of PHP + MySQL experience mainly from coding pics. It would give me a chance to break in my new Eclipse + PHPEclipse environment.

  2. I could help you too. Feel free to mail me or call me on IM (ICQ: 114 190)

  3. Hi There. i am looking to hire a php developer, and would be interested in learning more about your small php project to use a way of testing a developer's ability.

    Can you forward the project details, and expected output? thanks.


  4. No, sorry, I cannot. The project was done awhile ago.