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Georgia on my Mind

I'm going to Georgia to visit my friend Kate Tuesday through Friday of this week. I haven't seen her in two years, and I owe it to her not to check email, go online, or in any way be "connected." I will be calling Brad daily to check in on PulpFiction, but our bug count is going to dip under 30 (total) tonight, so those calls should be no more than "we've knocked off another nine, have fun, bye."

PulpFiction will be seeded to some "prominent" types on May 8. We'll be featuring a "Developer Blog" at that time too. We'll have demo limitations in place and registration codes will be working. Final beta testing for crashes or other "easy fixes" (language in menus, etc.) will take place, as will packaging and documentation-editing.

So, this Georgia trip is really the calm before the storm for me. Andy, Nick, Brad: their calm comes from about May 16-May 23 or so. But then again, they won't be visiting Kate during their vacations… 😉