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QotD: Tires

Question: Have you replaced the tires on your car?

My Answer: I will be now. After 36,000 miles, the left rear tire shredded itself and is now down to the belt in one large section. I guess I'm buying new tires soon!

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6 Responses to "QotD: Tires"

  1. In fact, I just replaced the tires on my Lexus IS300. I was in a bind because I'm leasing this car and only have six months or so left to go, but I _really_ needed the tires and couldn't wait any longer. I wasn't sure if I should buy good tires in case I bought the car at the end of the lease, or just any ole' tire to carry me for the next few months. OEM tires (Bridgestone Potenza RE040 Z-rated) were $225/tire, yikes. I was supposed to get Falken ZE-512's, but when I got to the place, they didn't have enough in stock, so I ended up with Fulda Carat Extremo tires (normally priced at $140/tire, but they gave them to me at the Falken price of $115). And, no, I've never heard of Fulda tires before either. Or Falkens, for that matter.

    Anyhoo, I really liked the way the tires felt for the next couple of days that I drove the car. Ended up getting a new car (Lexus RX330) three days later anyways, so I'm glad I went with the less expensive option. Still, I kinda feel like I'm out the $600, but Lexus probably would have charged me even more with some kind of wear'n'tear fee for the tires being bare... and I mean bare, so who knows.

    Oh, my mileage was 25,000 which is pretty dern good for a Z-rated tire, from what I understand.

  2. Yes. The tires on my 2003 Toyota Corolla were recalled a few months after I bought it. I got them replaced free, even though I didn't have any problems yet.

  3. Yes. One rainy day while rounding an I-75 exit my truck slid right off the road and spun around a couple times. Got new tires the next day 🙂

  4. Yep, right rear tire went flat. Due to traffic and the road I was on I didn't pull over immediately. Also it just felt a little low, not flat at that point. So I drove on it to a place with a real shoulder. Right before the shoulder area, I had to come to a stop for a light, and the tire went from low to flat. Driving it through the intersection and off to the side it was worn down to the belt in a lot of places. Went ahead and got a new set the next day, worked out cause I needed to get snow tires about then anyways.

  5. I got 55,000 miles out of the Bridgestone tires that came on my Ford Focus. 🙂

    When I replaced them the guy at the Firestone place was amazed, and even thought I could go a little farther on them, but I thought I'd better replace them now rather than deal with a blowout at some future (almost certainly inconvenient) date.

  6. I just got a flat fixed the other day... Gotta love road hazzard insurance.