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PMOY2004: Women’s Lib Advances Again

Women's lib took a gigantic step forward today: the Playmate of the Year:

  • has naturally brown hair
  • didn't bleach it blonde
  • has natural breasts!

Sadly, the "has an IQ over 100" may have been left off the list once again, but three out of four ain't bad!

P.S. She's smokin'. And I wouldn't have to look at anything besides this to know that much:


6 Responses to "PMOY2004: Women’s Lib Advances Again"

  1. Give over! That woman's far more attractive than Victoria Beckham! 😉

  2. If I remember correctly, she's got another interesting characteristic: an... uh... erm... unfurnished basement. If you know what I mean.

    I haven't spent a lot of time with Playboy since I was in high school, so that particular cosmetic choice startled the heck out of me.

    Startled in a good way. A good, good way.

  3. Ok, very nice. And I wouldnt have any problem... umm yea, you know what I mean, Jeff.

  4. I forgot to ask... whole pic? Please?

  5. Does this mean the mini skirt will be making a come back as well? (If you're offended by, uhhh, butt, then don't read the full entry.)...