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QotD: Friends

Question: Did you watch the final episode of Friends?

My Answer: Shamefully, I admit that I did. The gal wanted to see it, and I obliged. But it was put on the TiVo and we skipped the commercials, dammit. I wonder how much NBC was able to to get for those slots…

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7 Responses to "QotD: Friends"

  1. $2 million for 30 second spots.

  2. I too watched for my lady, also on TiVo, but I was happy to miss the commercials. Most commercials are so over-played they drive me insane. I think about 15% of commercials today are really entertaining and creative (like budweiser's).

    I thought the final episode was a good ending to a pretty funny show. I hate to admit it but I laughed through most of it.

  3. I'm sad to see it go. 10 years of my TV life has come to a conclusion. At least I have Will & Grace still.

  4. I watched it, just because I had to. Yes, that's right, I had to.

  5. Yeah, I had to watch it, too. I'm happy with how it ended, I think.

  6. i set my replaytv to not skip commercials because i was curious who would pay $2M... and it was the usual suspects.

    they also pimped the last frasiers (next thursday) and season finale of e.r.

    where are the new diet coke ads with kate beckinsale in a bikini!?!

  7. Technically they said the price was at $2 million, but few paid that much. Advertisers that bought stuff all year, or have big accounts (Pepsi/Gatoraid for example) got deep discounts. Much like Superbowl seats are perks, Friends Finale commercials made sure certain clients stayed with NBC.

    I think the $2 million price was if you called an hour before the show and have never run an ad on NBC before. 😛