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QotD: Marriage

Question: Why should marriage be a legal issue at all?

My Answer: The only reason I can appreciate is that there has to be some way to legalize and enforce the health benefits of spouses. It seems to me, however, that if that could be worked out, reverting marriage to a purely religious undertaking may wash away a lot of the crap we stare at day to day: gay marriage, etc. The legality of marriage seems to protect women - they get all the goods in most divorces. I'm not in favor of that either. I'm not talking about children - alimony isn't the same as child support.

It's a much bigger topic than I have time for now, but really: why is marriage a legal issue at all? Why can't people who love each other commit themselves to each other and live their lives? I suppose people do, but even then they might eventually be married by "common law."

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2 Responses to "QotD: Marriage"

  1. It shouldn't be.

  2. The best proposal I've seen is this one by Jeff Fisher:

    I propose that governmental agencies no longer issue marriage licenses, but licenses for civil unions or domestic partnerships that apply to everyone, not just homosexuals. The government will then be concerned only with the legal rights and obligations of the couple. The couples involved, whether heterosexual or homosexual, can then go to the religious institution of their choice for their relationship to be consecrated in a religious ceremony as a marriage. It is then the choice of the religious institution to decide which couples they will accept. By this procedure the Separation of Church and State remains intact.