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v600 Bluetooth and iSync: a Bust?

I brought home my Motorola v600 last night and attempted to set it up with my Mac. I've waited quite a while for this phone, so I was quite eager. Unfortunately, Mac OS X 10.3.3 and iSync 1.4 greeted my eagerness with this chilling reminder that not all is always well:


Hrmph. Scott pointed me towards the Unofficial Apple Weblog and that led to OnSync's Web page (and a useful PDF). I bought and paid for OnSync, but it turns out I'd rather enter my contacts manually than use an app as slow as OnSync (most of which is probably not its fault).

I sent the following letter via Apple's iSync Feedback page:


I just purchased a Motorola v600 for use on the Cingular network (though the phone is also used with AT&T as well as other carriers). It's a GSM camera phone with Bluetooth. However, iSync and the Bluetooth software currently installed (the latest versions on 10.3.3 as of the time of this feedback) do not work with this phone. I cannot synchronize my address book let alone my calendar and whatnot. I really only care about the address book.

If this phone could be supported soon that would help tremendously. It's a hot and very new phone, so I suspect a lot of Mac user gadget freaks will be picking one up soon.

Thank you.

I have no idea whether support will be forthcoming. I can't browse the phone, I can't do much at all. I am hopeful that something comes of this more than a forum post. I hope that iSync works with this phone soon.

56 Responses to "v600 Bluetooth and iSync: a Bust?"

  1. I'm in the same boat, but there are some alternatives until iSync is fully supported...

    You can still use it as a wireless modem.You can browse and send files with Bluetooth from your Mac

    -- after setting it up, use the Browse function from the Bluetooth menuYou can send individual contact cards from your address book w/o OnSync -- Select the record in the address book, and from the "Card" menu select "Send this card"

    I'm still waiting for full support.

  2. I've had good success using onsync with the v300 (with v600 software). It's quite fast and does a very nice job of syncing.

    Then again, I'm using a USB sync/charge cable.

  3. Jason, I can't use the "Browse" function. The Bluetooth icon on the phone lights up, the computer spins, and eventually prompts me to "Reconnect" or "Close" after nothing happens. ("The connection failed or closed. - Would you like to attempt to reconnect or close this window?")

  4. im gutted that this phone isnt working out for you cos Ive already got one and was hoping it might work on the mac (i really wanna get a powerbook :-))

    The phone has been available in teh uk for a while now, maybe its not yet supported cos of the delay in the US launch?

  5. I now have browsing working. The fine folks at Cingular didn't seem to actually set up my account properly (I couldn't browse the Web or shop for ringtones, for example). When they made some changes to their router or gateway or whatever to enable these features (I'm paying $7.99 for the "MEdia" package), browsing via Bluetooth worked beautifully.

    Now I just have to figure out what kind of stuff the phone wants. What bitrate MP3 will it play, mostly? Not VBR, I'm certain of that!

  6. I haven't done a ton of MP3 stuff, but I've used a low to mid bitrate for space. For quality, I'll stick w/ my iPod. 🙂

  7. Why were you expecting it to work with iSync? - it's not listed on the iSync Devices page.

  8. Because I have a Mac.

  9. Strange, I had a similar problem with my Nokia 7650 (which is supported by iSync), however, my problem was slightly different.

    I had set the phone up in 10.3.0 (and whatever version of iSync that came with it) on my iBook and after some minor fiddling (because I had upgraded the phone's firmware) it was in iSync and working smoothly.

    Then when I wanted to add it to my PowerMac (10.3.3 and iSync 1.4), it gave me the EXACT dialog (with iSync and the adressbook greyed out).

    My fix was to simply copy all of the iSync data (basically, everything but the .app itself with 'isync' or 'syncservices' in its name) and it worked flawlessly.

    I think Apple messed something up between then and now, but a bug report about it would be so vague that I didn't even bother.

  10. I just played around with the bit rates until I found the right mix of the clip sounding good and staying small. I put the Curb Your Enthusiasm theme on as a ring. That was great.

  11. And what bit rates did you find appropriate? I just got the phone today and I'm eager to start toying around with it.

  12. I bought a v600 a few months ago and got it to sync to my G5 once. It loaded the address book contents onto the phone. They were sorted according to first name. I didn't know what I was doing very well and wound up deleting them when I tried to get them listed according to last name and then I have not been able to get it to sync again. This probably isn't much help to anyone but I wanted to let you know that it must be "close" to working since I got it once.

  13. I hate it when people bitch about something not being supported. Did you look at the isnyc compatible page? Of course not.

  14. I hate it when people lack the balls to leave a real name or email address. But hey, your IP is, so whoopty doo!

  15. To the iSync haters... Mac users expect things to work perfectly without having to check if the device supported. That's what we're used to. If it's not supported, it should be dammit. That's all this post was meant to say.

  16. You're damn straight.

    I got my v600 since march and like many people I sent a request to apple for the isync support.

    it's quite a time since the release and they really could work on it....

    BTW: is it possible to send the mp3-ringtones without isync or onsync just via bt? does the mac recognize the device so you can browse its files? (photos i.e.)

  17. Yes, I can upload and download pictures, audio, and movies. I haven't tried movies yet, but the others work.

  18. I too bought the V600 assuming it would work. I mean it's Moto's latest. It's got Bluetooth. What Mac owner would expect that it would NOT work? Of course it didn't. I just sent it back to MOTO for a software upgrade. It seems their early versions of BT software did not generate the correct codes which linking to other devices. The phone is due to arrive back from MOTO on Monday - so I'll give it a try then. I've also written Apple and ask for support for this model - which I think is going to become as popular as the V-60 (which is supported within iSync although a USB cable is required because the V60 does not have Bluetooth.)

    A disappointed Moto V600 user in LA

  19. I would expect to see the V600 supported by iSync within a month or two. Now that it's actually shipping.

  20. I am also disappointed that a beautiful phone like this, with a design worthy of an Apple product, would not yet be compatible with iSync. I also hope support will be there soon. Until then, I have "pushbuttonitis" as I log all my contacts in manually.

    D. P.

  21. Okay (((Nervous))) I recently have been the proud pwner of a SET616(610) via Cingular in the New England area. The phone (If any of u don't know) works FLAWLESSLY with Macs (iSync/Salling Clicker/etc.) (Check out Salling Clicker if u don't already know what it is...) Anyways, I ran my phone over in my car by accident -- Totalled it (The phone) And now, Cingular is being a piece of u know what and telling me I have to get a Nokia for replacement as the t637 SE isn't out and won't be out 'till June or July (Tenatively BOOOO) So, I'm told I can get a v600, for my 50$ deductible + probably 100$ because of difference in price [I paid 212$ for my t616 when it first became available, yet not advertised.) So yea... I've read thru these comments, I'm not going to bitch, but I just was wondering if ANYONE... Has an update, possibly a tenative date when they either think or KNOW the v600 will sync with Mac without me buying ANOTHER program (Like I did wih Salling Clicker WHICH IS AMAZING BTW) anyways, my email is, someone drop me a mail or leave some feedback here. Thanks~

    DJ Diggity =)

  22. Got my contacts over to the v600 fine with OnSync, so I guess think of it as 10 bucks until apple gets its act together. Not too much to complain about. Also photos from iphoto imported into phone without any problems using the regular bluetooth menu item.

  23. Hi everyone-- I need some help setting up my v600 as a wireless modem for use with my laptop and cingular via os x....Has anyone accomplised this? Transfering files is no problem....

    What GPRS CID string? *99? motoral bitsufer? and i tried these settings availlable via cingualr website (bluetooth pdf) with no success :


    Password* CINGULAR1



  24. i too was having the same problem with not being able to browse my V600 from my powerbook...i updated the bluetooth firmware, searched forums, etc etc etc.

    I work at Cingular too, and i often get exasperated with the retards i deal with on a daily basis, and stupid phone problems are often solved with a simple master settings reset on the phone. Duh, why didn't i think of this before? settings->initial setup-> master reset

    Problem solved, now able to browse the device, transfer photos and mp3s, and all the bluetooth functionality (including a neat little caller ID program) with the exception of isync seems to be working! Try it, might solve some of ya'lls problems.

  25. I share Erik J. Barzeski's problem. I was initially able to browse and send/receive picture files to/from my new Motorola V600. A few days later when I went to try again I got the spinning ball and message - "The connection failed or closed. - Would you like to attempt to reconnect or close this window?"

    OnSync is happy to sync my phone list however.

  26. Help please, I love my V600, some were I heard I'm able to put mp3 songs form my computer on my phone via bluetooth. I bought the bluetooth thingymagig for my computer. And I have no idea what to do now. Every time I try to put a music file into the bluetooth folder it keeps telling me that "Not Supported by Server". I have a Pc.

    Any kind of feed back would be great, thanks.

  27. is a master reset safe to do on my own? also, it requires my security code, which i don't know. i have the same problem like many other ppl - i can send stuff from my phone to my powerbook with bluetooth but not the other way around. i can't browse my phone.

  28. I had the same issue with not being able to browse the V600. Rob's suggestion to perform a Master Reset worked for me as well: I can now browse and transfer files. BluePhoneMenu, a caller ID app, does not work for me using the V600 although it did work with my SE T68. Off to VersionTracker!

  29. hi all, just want to post this since i've figured out how to work this -- at least with mac os x with the v600 phone. you cannot send files from the comp to the phone (or browse it) via bluetooth, right? but you can send files from the phone to the comp (e.g. pics you took with the camera), right? here's what I do to make it works: after you pair them and everything, first you send a file (say a pic) from the phone to the comp, this will "establish" the bluetooth connection between the two. then don't close the phone or the computer or anything, and immediately start sending files from the comp to the phone -- this will work completely fine. (at least for me) good luck! i now have mp3 ringtones and pretty wallpapers thanks to this =)

  30. Well, I've tried everything....

    While I'm awaiting an iSync update, I figured I can at least browse the device and upload/download images/music - right?

    Using the v600 phone, I have been able to send images to my PB G4, (havn't tried music). Using 'send file' on the PB, was able to send an image to the phone too. So I guess this sort of works. However, I've tried everything listed above and still can't 'browse device'!!

    Anyone have anyother suggestions?!?

  31. I had a similar problem trying to browse device, and I finally figured it out...

    I tried leaving the phone open to see what might come up on the screen, and I realized it was asking for permission to allow my mac to connect to the phone. As soon as I pressed yes, it worked fine. I later discovered that you could change this access to "automatic" in the settings menu:

    go to "settings", "connection", "Blutooth Link", "Device History", then selcet your computer, and set "Access" to "Automatic". I have not had the connection problem since!

  32. BluePhoneMenu 1.1 does not work for me either. Further investigation revealed that the phone is somehow classified as a "Computer" in Bluetooth Preferences, which would explain why BluePhoneMenu is unable to find it searching for "Mobile Phones" or "Miscellaneous Devices" when enabled.

    Is there no way to proprely classifed the V600 as a phone?

  33. I spent 2+ hours yesterday talking with Motorola hardcore tech support. Here's the lowdown from them:

    - They don't support MacOS

    - They have no intention of ever doing so

    - The only way of using Bluetooth, at least by them, is to use a PC/Windows + purchase PhoneTools software. SonyEricsson gives their software away for free for Win and works out of the box with MacOS iSync (

    I also asked questions about the HS810 headset. That too has issues. For example, you cannot change the 4 digit security key.

    Also, another irritating item: If the phone and headset are operating, you cannot have the phone ring, only the headset. So unless you wear the headset, like a moron, driving down the road, you cannot hear an incoming call.

    Combined with the fact that the headset only works with the phone, it's quite clear that the Motorola Bluetooth implementation sucks. And I told the tech so. I also mentioned that a SonyEricsson handset from 4/03 + Jabra headset worked beautifully, so why couldn't Motorola get this right, over a year later?

    I also indicated that I had hated the Startac years ago, had tried the V600 as my 1st non-Nokia in years, and was going to look at other options, and tell everyone of Motorola's Bluetooth implemention.

    Bluetooth is supposed to be a standard. Unfortunately Motorola seems to have Microsofted (embraced and extended to only work with their stuff the way they would like) it.

    I really wanted American Motorola to have "gotten it." I was mistaken.


    I used onsync to sync my address book with my v600. thank god someone has some software out there for the the v600.

  35. Well, you can add me to the V600 list - I bought one assuming that it would be supported soon if not already.

    Hmm, how much longer? I can wait a month... or two?

  36. I think we should see what updates are released for the WWDC. I'm going to reserve my thoughts until then. 🙂 I'm sure the next iSync update will include this phone, among others.

  37. OK, here's some info -- nothing that will make the iSync people happy -- just the facts to get the V600 to establish an IP connection with Cingular (and other services, too.)

    In System Preferences:

    Bluetooth Settings


    Turn on support for non-conforming phones

    Network Settings


    Use PPP


    Service Provider: Cingular


    Password: CINGULAR1

    Telephone Number: ISP.CINGULAR

    Turn on save password

    Note: these settings were derived from this page. If there are problems, try using ISP@CINGULARGPRS.COM as the account name to get a non-compressed connection (their terminology, not mine.) You can also find the connection information for other services here...

    PPP Options...

    Turn off send PPP echo packets

    Turn off TCP header compression

    (only ones enabled are Disconnect and Redial)



    Download Modem Scripts from here. Install them in /Library/Modem Scripts the setup the Bluetooth modem:

    Bluetooth Modem

    Modem: Motorola GPRS CID1

    Turn off enable compression

    Turn off wait for dial tone

    At this point, you should be able to establish an IP connection with Internet Connect. I'm currently having some issues with the connection dropping -- if I figure out what's going on, I'll post a follow-up to this message.


  38. I can get the V600 to connect to the phone modem through bluetooth using the link from the previous poster. Unfortunately, the connection drops out after anywhere from 30 sec. to a minute of web browsing. If I just leave it connected and do no web browsing, it stays connected until it is disconnected due to inactivity. I really wish I could get this to work because it worked flawlessly with my SE T616. Oh yeah, btw, I'm on T-Mobile.

    Also, for those saying that the Motorola's bluetooth implementation sucks, it actually doesn't. It uses a newer open source syncing protocol that has yet to be implemented in iSync. Even Steve Jobs says that the new protocol (SyncML, I think) is better and iSync will eventually use it, but not when...

  39. Well, I actually think I got it working. The thing that seemed to do it was in the Bluetooth Settings, turn on Support Non-Conforming Phones. At least it has been working so far. I've been surfing for about 40 minutes with no random disconnects! So, give that a try, Craig and anyone else having problems keeping a connection.

  40. Thx Chad, i had the same disconnecting problem with my Motorola V80, it works now 🙂

  41. Motorola V600, Wireless Internet, Bluetooth And The Macintosh

    As previously mentioned, I have a new Motorola V600 cellphone and I got it setup with all the Wireless Internet fun you could hope for from Cingular Wireless, including getting it to talk to my Mac PowerBook via Bluetooth. It...

  42. I know I have a Trackback for this as well since I mentioned this page in my post, but I wanted to bring up the fact, that I think I've pretty much figured out all the there is to know (possibly) about the V600, the Mac, and Cingular Wireless.

    I put together a mammoth post over at my site about it.

  43. They didn't send a TrackBack, but here's a helpful page:

  44. For those of you with a v600 phone, maybe this info about my v80 will help:

    1) No, bluetooth sync doesn't work 🙁

    2) USB sync works perfectly using iSync. I just used the usb cable from my v60 but you can pick them up quite cheap too. And yes, I know the web page says nothing about a v80 but it comes up fine in iSync 🙂

    3) You can use bluetooth to transfer files such as mp3s, backgrounds, screensavers and videos

    The bluetooth is a bit temperamental although with the latest osx update and phone firmware it seems much better. A few comments:

    *) Sending from phone to computer always works.

    *) Browsing works almost perfectly but the phone automatically places known format files in the right place so don't expect a file to appear where you put it!

    *) You can 'send file to bluetooth device' from the services menu with the finder but there are a couple of quirks. Firstly, this seems to need the newer v80 firmware and second you get asked to choose the file from an open-file dialog. Seems the second quirk is due to the preference setting for what to show when the bluetooth app is run ... odd, but just click cancel 🙂

    As for file formats, backgrounds and pictures (same thing) can be jpg or gif, screensavers are animated gif, video needs to be in the 3gpp format and mp3 works well at 32kbps, mono - vbr doesn't work, neither does aac.

    Note that, on the v80 at least, an mp3 file over 900kb take forever to start playing (something to do with internal caches I expect) so don't set them as your ringtone or the person will have hung up before it starts playing 😀

    Also note that, in keeping with the 3gpp spec, downloaded (rather than streamed) videos are limited to 500kb. Soon after going over this limit, the phone kills the bluetooth transfer.

    A final note on photos for phone book entries - when an entry is edited by a sync, the photo is lost, annoyingly, so you have to manually reattach it. I expect the same will happen to personalised ringtones for people too.

    Hope this all helps 🙂

  45. Hey Guys,

    The problem with bluetooth and isync isn't Apple's fault. Motorola phones don't allow synching over bluetooth. They require USB, as the previous post mentions.

  46. Then why does the Bluetooth data transfer work, and why does OnSync work?

  47. PLEASE PLEASE ANY ONE! Explain me how to get the motorola v80 and apple bluetooth working - I have nothing open after I successfully pair the device and what is "new v80 firmware"?????

  48. I think I'll just post my comments. I had a SE T616 and thought it was quite neat, I bought it used off eBay because trying to upgrade phones as a current customer blows with ATT. ("Sure, you can buy any of our phones, at the full, $400 retail price. If you're new, you get it free") Anyways, I bought it mostly for Bluetooth. Very very disappointed I was! The bluetooth range on my phone was about 2inches, I hope this is isolated. Anyways, I switched to T-Mobile yesterday and got the V600, came home, and learned that isync doesn't work. I figured out OnSync, it's slower but does the job. I haven't had any problems with sending/recieving files, but I haven't done much with that. I'm impressed with the camera feature, with blows away the T616. The V600 screen is great. Yeah, I'm rambling. I like the phone, I'll make do without isync, everything else works good. I read another post on another forum and some poor guy was having horrid luck with be glad you're a Mac owner and have seen the light :).

  49. i run windows xp pro and find no problems with sending files to the v600 i bought at the back end of the summer, i can`t receive files from the phone to laptop though, any suggestions?.

  50. i am the biggest fan of twinks, i heard one guy had a twink every day of his life

  51. Hi all, I'm totally new to Macs having got thoroughly ******** off with Microsoft - at last. I have a Powerbook G4 and have had two problems with it. One was trying to install MSOFFICE - I had a free copy and thought I needed it for compatibility. The installer failed so I just copied the files and guess what - it worked! Now my second problem - iSync. I have the same greyed out boxes as above, and have tried SUPPORTED and unsupported phones: SE V800, K700i, P910i and Nokia 6630. In all cases in the past I have found similar phones will work via Bluetooth, I am pretty sure there's no such thing as a device specific BT driver, just a set of services that the device does or doesn't support, and these phones support syncing. as for complaining about unsupported devices? I agree with the comment about Apple's plain working - they just do - I think - thats why I just spent a fortune on one! I have reported this to Apple as a config problem and separately as a bug report (K700i is supported allegedly), but please post if you have any clues - I was looking forward to this!

  52. Good news! I have a Motorola V551 with Bluetooth and attempted to connect it to my Mac using iSync. I had the exact same problem with the options being grayed out. I just got off the phone with Apple tech support. All the Motorola phones should be covered under the new Tiger OS, 10.4 release. The tech I talked to said that the Tiger release will have a brand new version of iSync, iSync 2.0. For the new list of fully compatable devices go here: Good luck to all, I'm hoping it works!

  53. Good news!!

    The motorola v600 now syncs with the new isync in Mac OS Tiger!!

    Just got mine to sync my contacts!


  54. So, I've installed Tiger. I'll update this list as I find things out. Not much is surprising, as I've been playing with Tiger for awhile now. The Delicious Library widget doesn't seem to work.Why can't I make it so that...

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  56. I would like to transfer all my text messages from my V600 to my iBook but I do not know whether that is possible. I have transferred an audio file from the iBook successfully, though.
    Could somebody give me some clues of how to go about it?

    Thanks for reading