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QotD: Music

Question: What's the most powerful song you can think of?

My Answer: Either of the songs I mention in a post I've made here: "Hallelujah" or "I Don't Like Mondays." Both of them from West Wing, yes.

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11 Responses to "QotD: Music"

  1. Yes! Another West Wing friend!

    I remember "Hallelujah" from when C.J.'s bodyguard got shot. I don't remember "I Don't Like Monday's", but then again I started watching West Wing in 2001. I'm catching up with Bravo reruns.

  2. For work, how about the Johnny Cash(?) song that has the lyrics "Load sixteen tonne(s?) and what do you get/Another day older and deeper in debt"?

    For family (or friends), "A Beautiful World" by Luis Armstrong comes to mind.

    For hotties, "American Woman"?

  3. The West Wing hasn't used songs often, but it's used them very effectively. Remember "Brothers in Arms" from "Two Cathedrals?" Incredible. Simple incredible.

    Massive Attack's "Angel" was equally well applied, albeit to different ends, in "Commencement."

    Fiona Apple's cover of "Across the Universe" always gets to me, and I'm not sure why. It's on the "Pleasantville" soundtrack, I think.

    Speaking of covers, the Dixie Chick's version of "Landslide" is pretty gripping, too.

    Björk's "Hyper-Ballad" definitely qualifies as powerful.

    (To make this post, I sorted my iTunes library by ranking and basically copied-and-pasted the first few rows.)

  4. I watched a documentary on John Lennon last night, so I'll throw out two of his songs that were pretty powerful:

    Imagine - This song has of course been played to death, but still has a pretty powerfull message that stands up today I think.

    Beautiful Boy - Fantastic song about his love for his young son, particularly poignant because Lennon sings about not being able to wait to see his son grow up. Of course he never would.

  5. Lifehouse - Everything

  6. johnny cash - hurt (i think its been used in smallville relatively recently) when the piano kicks in its sooo good.

    the verve - bittersweet symphony, dont really need to say much more about it, its great!

  7. Tori Amos - A Case of You (Joni Mitchell Cover)

    Tori, her emotions, the song and the piano just becomes one in this song.

  8. My iTunes just decided to party shuffle this track up for me, and it hit me so hard I had to come back here and mention it.

    The track is called "Sanvean," by Dead Can Dance.

    Wow, man. Wow. That Lisa Gerrard chick can sing like there's no tomorrow, can't she?

  9. Soul One by Blind Melon

    Worlds Apart by Jars of Clay

    Konstantine by Something Corporate

  10. Powerful Songs

    Oh, yes, another one of my early morning posts... NSLog(); asks "What's the most powerful song you can think of?" I can't decide upon a single song. However, Rage Against the Machine's music is extremely powerful. Their lyrics, like Michael...

  11. Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings. Watch as the helo's lift off leaving Elijah to die in Platoon, powerful stuff.