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PulpFiction: ADVance

pficon4.jpgPulpFiction: ADVance (i.e. 1.0b5) has been seeded to beta testers. We're also sending advance copies to a few of your favorite or most prominent Mac bloggers, so look for some PulpFiction coverage around the Web this week.

If you're interested in adding badges to your site, grab 'em here. You may also want to read my initial PulpFiction introduction. The product page @ FSS is online, but you can't order PulpFiction yet. We're not even sure what the price will be just yet…

Less than one week. May 15. We will have introductory pricing and it will last approximately one week. We've got 1.0.1 and 1.1 specified, and they will be free upgrades. You will be surprised by what we're able to pack into 1.1, so you may wish to take advantage of the introductory pricing even if, for example, you really want to see smart folders (yes, clueless, that's a hint).

P.S. You may also want to check out the PF Developer Blog. There's nothing earth-shattering there, but you can see how we debated some issues or changed our minds during development.

5 Responses to "PulpFiction: ADVance"

  1. PulpFiction. Do You Speak It?

    I have been beta testing PulpFiction for the past few weeks. PulpFiction is the latest release from Freshly Squeezed Software and is aimed at competing with other Mac RSS readers such as NetNewsWire and Shrook. What sets apart PulpFiction from...

  2. All comments deleted. If you want to question demo limitations, do so where appropriate.

  3. PulpFiction: Your News, Freshly Squeezed

    PulpFiction will be available at an introductory price when it's out at May 15th. Better grab it while it's fresh! One thing I'm curious about is if there's a high demand for Graphite Icon? I would be glad to...

  4. So once I purchase PulpFiction, I will have to keep paying for upgrades beyond 1.1???

  5. All 1.x versions will be free upgrades. FSS has a standard policy on this. Version 2.x upgrades are guaranteed to be < 50% of the cost.