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Wanna Help with Something?

I've got some code for a GUI app I never finished. The logic is done, the UI is hell. The logic is more a process than anything else. I'd like to convert it to a console app to be run on the command line. Unfortunately, I lack the time right now to do so, what with PulpFiction and all.

I'm willing to give whomever takes this project on and solves it within a decent amount of time a free copy of PulpFiction as well as FTPeel and Rock Star. Most of the work involved will simply be stripping away UI code. The resulting work (again, based in large part on the existing work I have to hand over) will be released as a freeware tool here on NSLog();.

The tool would facilitate the decision-making process used here. Specifically, quickly ranking many options. I'll share more info with interested parties who IM me. I'm only going to give the code to one person at a time, so please do not IM and ask to be given the chance if you're not serious.

4 Responses to "Wanna Help with Something?"

  1. Don't expect too much - Erik gave me the job offered here so that I would stop bothering him. Once I was done, he then told me he no longer wanted my code (not that he ever did anyway) and ordered me to delete it as I was using images and files from his server without his permission as copyright holder and hosting the files on my site.

    Basically, Erik has a low tolerance for idiots, and since I am one, he has a low tolerance for me. Idiots should thus not trust Erik not to dislike them. And I know this comment will be deleted soon.

  2. Your comment won't be deleted, but I will say that you sure are one bitter fothermucker. At least you've stopped IMing me…

  3. Why didn't you just block Kevin? Seems like the more civilised option.

  4. Because Adium doesn't support blocking. I would have had to download the official AIM client or something.