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QotD: Extension Manager

Question: Does Mac OS X need an "Extension Manager?" Something that, similar to its Mac OS 8/9 counterpart, could enable or disable InputManagers, contextual menu modules, kernel extensions, and so on.

My Answer: I think that, if nothing else, there may be a tremendous market for a third-party here. However, I do feel that it's Apple's responsibility to provide at least a basic tool. Plus, I miss the game that was always included as a Conflict Catcher easter egg.

P.S. Alfred exists but it never really suited me. Perhaps it deserves another look.

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2 Responses to "QotD: Extension Manager"

  1. Yes, I think Mac OS X does need such a piece of software. I also agree that Apple should provide it, though I am not holding my breath for that to happen. What is needed is for a kickass developer (hmm, where could find one of those?) to do it in a great way. While I understand why Apple has stayed away from this (their concerted effort to KISS in OS X so far), I really think the time has come for some good maintenance utilities. Even more than an extensions manager, we need a good "Restore" or rollback feature in the OS, since OS X can be more volatile and less transparent than the Classic Mac OS.

  2. It might be worth having a look at Diablotin, too.