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QotD: MT3

Question: What do you think of MT3?

My Answer: I think people have missed out on the fact that they're relying on the honor system. I also think upgrading this blog was far more difficult than it should have been. Their "upgrade help" pages are rather lacking currently. Plus I think I have to figure out how to re-enable internal TrackBacks…

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10 Responses to "QotD: MT3"

  1. At this point, I am not impressed. let's see what plugins are released.

  2. Dude, I am scared to install it, and lose all that 2.661 (which is great) has provided and apparently will STILL provide for me..

    Go new Zelda.

  3. Love the new base templates. They contain a few more base Divs so multi columned layouts are easy to pull off without hacks now.

    TypeKey is a so so feature, although I do miss MT-Blacklist. I don't have a high traffic blog and even I had to turn comment moderation on :\

    Other then TypeKey i'm hard pressed to find an actual new feature to comment on. We'll see what happens once the plugins start to trickle out.

  4. hey, can we see some screenshots of MT3?

  5. DCohen:

    It's just like MT2, but with the new blue theme that you see on Well that and TypeKey. 🙂

  6. People have missed out on the fact that they're relying on the honor system how? I've seen several mentions that it's free for the stealing (how else? short of requiring authorization from for every entry save, you can't keep people from stealing something in a scripting language), but so what? Are there really that many people who are sitting through hour-long rebuilds because they love the code so much that they would do anything to have it? I thought it was the community that made MT attractive.

  7. Honor system? I'm sorry, I do consider my self honorable, and thus will stay with MT 2.661 until I either find a good easy-to-migrate new system or 6A has license conditions that are in a price/value ratio I can and want to support.

    I do not steal software I use everyday.

  8. What plugins no longer work? I'm scared to make the jump and find my site out of order.

  9. Oh my god, my head hurts already trying to deal with the new comment scripts.

  10. People complain about the pricing, but it's still available in a free version that totally suits the personal blogger (one author up to 3 blogs). I'd prefer that they allow you to have 2 or 3 authors for those personal ventures that earn you no money, but I'm not the one putting in thousands of hours writing the MT code, either.

    Plugins will undoubtedly trickle in as time goes by. Third party software always takes time to update to the latest version of the base code. My old blog (now offline) couldn't run plugins anyways since there's major issues with MT and Solaris installations. It works great on Linux, though! I'd have pressed the matter, but my blog's been down a while and when it comes back up, I'll be hosting it personally on a Linux box anyways, so that will solve those pesky compatibility issues I had.

    Oh, back to pricing. If you paid more than $20 in the past, that amount is applied to your license cost. So it's an extra discount so to speak. They aren't turning their back on long time supporters. They are finding a compromise between how they used to operate and how they need to operate moving forward. It's a tough fence to straddle and I wish them luck.

    Of course, I'm fortunate enough to fit nicely in the FREE license category, so my opinion may be biased because of that, despite my intentions to be neutral.