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Default Feeds

Here are the default feeds, folks. Of course, these will change in the next version, but I thought I'd let ya know. We'll be releasing PulpFiction in a few hours…

We stuck with 15 feeds because that's around 225 articles. That's enough to encourage people to set up some filters without inundating them with too much, we feel. The list is comprised of some of our personal favorites as well as some feeds we feel are useful. Zeldman's got a great site I read every day, for example, but would my mom?


Close but No Cigar:

2 Responses to "Default Feeds"

  1. Bet your mum would much rather read Slashdot.

  2. I don't actually mind too much that you didn't choose my site. I'd become a peering eye for tons of users who choose PulpFiction, which will lead to my ultimate mental destruction 😉

    Seperately, why not have a large database of default feeds, a la NNW?