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iTunes Zoom Behavior

Option-click the green zoom button in iTunes. Interesting.

4 Responses to "iTunes Zoom Behavior"

  1. dude, it also works when it is the small window mode.

    it just makes it so it does the same thing as the Green zoom button does in every program.

    now, lets talk about corn chips.

  2. stop stalling and hurry up and release the software 🙂

  3. DCohen, no, it doesn't do the same thing as every other program. Every other program would zoom all their windows. iTunes - in small or big view - moves the window to the center of the screen and back.

  4. resize the window and do it.

    in full size mode it'll zoom between (sort of) filling the screen and centering the window, and putting it back to whatever settings you have it on.

    in mini mode, it moves to the center of the screen and makes it as large as it can be, and option clicking again puts it back to the place you had it at the size you had it. basically the same as full size mode.

    it's relatively intuitive. ...or, at least, not bizarre.