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PulpFiction 1.0

Today, I'm happy to announce that PulpFiction 1.0 is now available. The surprise? So is PulpFiction Lite, the freeweare sibling!


PulpFiction is available now for introductory pricing of $19. This special pricing lasts through May 21st, at which time the price will move to the standard price of $25. PulpFiction is available as a 15-day demo, after which you may purchase PulpFiction or switch to PulpFiction Lite.

I encourage everyone to visit the PulpFiction Resources page to download a few new themes, styles, and AppleScripts. Of course, your submissions are more than welcome: send us your stylesheets, people!

P.S. Do not file bug reports or feature requests here. We have official ways of doing both.

P.P.S. Beta testers: delete your database and your preferences file before running either PF or PFL. You may want to export your OPML file first, of course…

27 Responses to "PulpFiction 1.0"

  1. I like the interface of Pulpfiction very much. But it is so slow with my 200 Newsfeeds that i've imported from Netnewswire...

    Hoping that you will improve the performance in the future releases...

  2. Yup, PulpFiction is looking mighty fine. I'm glad she finally got out the door. 🙂

  3. Congrats, Erik. I hate you for releasing this when I have so much work to do. I will not make my deadline.

    Pulp fiction is very different, that's for sure. Different from NNW for instance, although not so much from Apple Mail. It's taking some getting used to but I likey!

  4. finally i can get some juice for my RSS feeds. thank you! 🙂

  5. In my best Tappy Tibbons voice:

    We've got a winner!

  6. I've used it, and I dig it. Very nice job, Erik.

  7. FWIW, I think you came up with a very equitable dividing line between the "lite" and "pro" version features.

  8. PulpFiction v1.0

    Today, Freshly Squeezed Software released their new feed reader application PulpFiction. Herewith my first impressions of PulpFiction, as well as some thoughts on the software release philosophy behind this 1.0 version…

  9. Great product. The look and feel makes it feel familiar. I have hated every newsreader I have touched. If I am still using PF in a week you got my $20.

  10. PulpFiction...First Thoughts.

    Well, I've never been one for an RSS reader. I've tried a few, some are okay...others, there is no way I would pay for them. However, I think I'm going to be out $20 soon. I think that PulpFiction is VERY cool. I'm going to play with it...

  11. PulpFiction

    NSLog() has announced the release of PulpFiction 1.0. It looks to be an OS X RSS reader that does not suck *cough*netnewswire*cough*. So far, so good. The look and feel is a major plus for me....

  12. Sorry. Unimpressed. The whole L&F thing doesn't work. It's painfully slow if you have a lot of feeds (and we're talking 1.5GHz Pbook here). And there is a complete lack of features. Maybe you should release a 'lite' and a 'liter' version instead. I'll stick to NNW or maybe give Shrook a looksee.

  13. A complete lack of features? I'm sorry, but we respectfully disagree on that one.

  14. Great app! Nice looks and this app give us completely

    new vision of using rss feed.

    However I think its true that it require some new thought of

    using rss feed, so some may think its difficult to use.

    But its great and evelutionary software.

  15. Great software, well worth the wait.

    I was a little taken aback to start with but once I got my head round the filters all was well 🙂

  16. I'll gladly echo the praise for this app. 🙂 There's only one bug that I've been able to find so far--and that is adding a subscription seems to wreak havoc on filters that use the 'Subscription is' rule. Everything after the inserted subscription appears to show up ofsetted by one feed, as if the rule pointed to an ordinal value for the subscription instead of a unique identifier.

  17. Nathan, have you emailed us? As I requested above, this isn't the place to file bug reports or feature requests. Please go through the proper channels for that… It helps us out, and in the end, helps you.

  18. I've just submitted a bug report for the same problem Nathan Pearson identifies. The report number is 1084708457. I'm loving PulpFiction though, and my $19 may be winging it's way over the lines later on.

  19. Why should I get this if I can use OmniWeb to keep track of my subscriptions ? Any thing that it will do better ?

  20. OmniWeb is a Web browser with very, very basic feed reading capabilities. Very basic. If it meets your needs, then even PulpFiction Lite should exceed them.

  21. Well... you got my $20. Awesome product. Now I just gotta organize my feeds :/

  22. 15 Days Of Pulp.

    I downloaded the 15 day trial of PulpFiction, the new RSS/Atom Feed Reader from Freshly Squeezed. I then spent a few hours using the in-built filters to sort the 71 feeds I curr...

  23. Very nice app!

    I can say a lot of work went into it, congrats!

  24. PulpFiction

    Freshly Squeezed Software has released PulpFiction, a new XML feed reader for the Mac. First off, I'm very impressed by...

  25. Wasn't syncing going to be the mothership feature? Maybe I'm wrong, but that is what I got excited about when I heard about this; but it's not here.

    Well polished 1.0 release. I didn't like how all my messages were in a big lump together after I imported, but then I figured out the filters and set it up the way I wanted it. I love the style sheets feature. Not enough to get me to switch yet, but you're competing for my interest.

    Well polished, keep it up...

  26. I haven't actually tried the apps yet, but who designed the icons? I think those are my favorite icons ever. Very nice!

  27. PulpFiction 1.0 - New Mac OS X News Aggregator

    PulpFiction 1.0 is now available and PulpFiction Lite , the freeweare sibling, makes its debut as well.