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QotD: Sleeping In

Question: Do you put your computer to sleep every night?

My Answer: I power off the screen (via Energy Saver), but the machine is on all night because I'm connected to AIM, because cron jobs run at 3am, and so on. I almost never sleep the machine - occasionally I will mid-day if my Internet connection goes out for awhile.

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3 Responses to "QotD: Sleeping In"

  1. Yep, but then my primary machine is an iBook, so I just close the lid when I'm done. My Work machine is XP, I hibernate it when I go home. If I've got cron jobs to run they run on either the Terminal Server, or on one of my Solaris machines. There isn't anything at home worth running all the time except the iTunes server, but it's in the closet with the monitor off.

  2. I use a PowerBook so yes, I shut the lid and put it to sleep every night unless I am downloading something.

  3. Well, I used to leave it running most of the time over night, but a week ago I got a power bill of about $1200 for the last year, so I'm trying to change that 🙂