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Hype is a funny thing.

I've been reading the blog(s) of the authors of Freshly Squeezed and from the amount of hype they've been generating you'd think this software was the second coming.

We did? I posted some screenshots. I posted a little PulpFiction Lite tease (a product that is the direct result of the comments left on another entry here). I posted some icons. I posted an "okay, well, we sent it to some advance testers, and it'll be out in a week" types of things.

We built hype? I'm genuinely surprised. I don't think we did. If we did I'd sure like to know how, because I'm sure my skills would come in handy in Hollywood or as a sports agent, right? 😉 This blog is not a finely-tuned hype machine. Quite the contrary! I post mundane Questions of the Day, for crying out loud! 🙂

Any "hype" you may have felt, I believe, was generated was from what I would call a demand for something different in the Mac "syndication" scene. A new idea. I had this idea around July of last year, in fact, and it's taken until today to bring that feeling to fruition.

To the folks who feel let down, well, PulpFiction is a 1.0 product. It's also a 1.0 product that requires a bit of a mental shift from the "traditional" way of organizing syndicated information. As I said a month time ago when I first announced PF, this "way of doing things" works for me. The traditional way does not. If you give it a chance, it may work for you too.

PulpFiction is currently a 1.0 release. Even looking back on the original announcement you can see what changed in a month. The software has some bugs that our 30 beta testers didn't find. You bet. So does Mac OS X, for that matter. We're committed to listening, to working, and to fixing things. We'll add features if they make sense and people want them. Make your voice heard (not here on my blog, but by emailing us via our Web site).

I think you'll be surprised and impressed by what's coming in the 1.0.1 release, and I will remind you that the special $19 pricing ends this Friday. But, I hesitate to do so of course, lest I be accused of hyping the "2.0.1 Coming." 🙂

5 Responses to "Hype"

  1. We're working very hard on gathering information so that our 1.0.1 release can fix the bugs our beta testers did not come across. Let me stress again that your help is invaluable in this process. I read once that "decisions are made by the people who show up." Well, in software development, bugs are fixed and features are added for the people who take the time to share their opinions and ideas through the proper channels.

  2. You might want to do a redirect from /products/pulpfiction/resources/ to /products/pulpfiction/resources.fss, because the former is where the default stylesheet links to in its footer (" You can also [..] our website").

  3. The code (the &lta href>) specifies "resources.fss", not "resources/". If your copy is somehow goofed up, I don't know how that would have occurred. I just downloaded the disk image and looked at the .css file. It points to the correct location.

  4. Just FYI all, part of the "problem" I had originally trying PF as a beta tester was that I was "brought up" in the RSS world by programs modelling themselves off the same model as NNW. Be that good or bad it shaped my impressions of how RSS reading should be. PF is now here and it's a different way of looking at it. The more I use it the more it grows on me, but it's definately (for good or for bad) a new way of looking at RSS. If you like it great, if not, well, try it for a week and see what you think then. If you still think it sucks then, well, ok 🙂

  5. I'm not even a user of PulpFiction, so I obviously can't tell you whether or not it was overly hyped, but hyped it was...

    For that matter, I haven't gotten into RSS yet, although I might soon.

    Come to think about it, I'm not sure why I read all this mac propaganda. I guess every once in a while I pick out some cool web technology stuff.