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Everyone has moments of immaturity. Moments that are not their shining best. Readers of this blog know that I'm an opinionated, strong-willed guy who will stick to his guns. But readers also know me as someone who will plainly admit when he's wrong, who will blog the "less than sunny" moments in my life (as a personal vehicle for improvement, lame psycho-terminology forgiven if you will).

To one person in particular, I have only one thing to say: please realize that what you're doing reflects far more poorly on yourself than on me. I will not be drawn into commenting other than in this vague statement, nor will I concern myself with your behavior. You're clearly not someone capable of communicating at an adult level, and until you consider how what you're doing makes you appear to others, you will remain as such.

You were booted from the beta test. Get over it. 91000 leaks? You were testing beta software. Yeah, they got fixed. Heck, we had some far more serious than that during testing!