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Ice Cream Separators

I went to get the last bowl's worth of ice cream out of a carton today (one of those round Edy's cartons) and the idea struck me: ice cream should be separated like a roll of Life Savers. Thin pieces of paper or something could separate sections of ice cream, and in fact the entire box or carton could come apart pretty easily. Sure, it'd be a little odd eating a disc of ice cream, but I'd get over it. After all, I wouldn't have to reach down into a tub and scoop anymore.

5 Responses to "Ice Cream Separators"

  1. Clever. The only problem would be not having as much control over portion sizes.

  2. That is quite possibly the greatest idea I have ever heard. As far as the portion sizes go... fuck it, i usually eat half a quart a time, and its easy to just keep pulling the disks out. But would it work for the square boxes?

  3. Haha. Yes and no.

    The problem is much more easily solved by using a container similar to the ones used by Breyers.

    They're rectangular, not round, which means that you don't need to go as deep. This way, the opening is big and wide, and the carton itself isn't that deep.

    The round Edy's cartons are probably the worst. They're tall and skinny, and it's always impossible to get that last bit out. Not to mention that the packaging itself is horribly inefficent. The rectangular Breyers containers are nearly 95% efficent, while the Edy's cartons do not stack well due to their round shape, leaving gaps in between stacks in the shipping container/pallet.

  4. Sorry to dissipoint you but over in New Zealand we have just what you are talking about.

    We call them eskimo slices. (if you get two wafer biscuits and put a slice in the middle you have an eskimo sandwich).

    I could only find the pies on the net,

    So there you go another reason to visit New Zealand!

  5. Howabout this: load the ice cream into cylinders the size of toilet paper rolls (just the cardboard core). Pack a bunch of those into a larger container.

    Ideally, make the wrapper around the icecream of a material that is easy to cut. Then you could pull out a tube, cut it in half to leave two shorter cylinders, which would be two servings.

    Rectangular or square thingies would also work, instead of cylinders. Those'd use space more efficiently, I think.