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QotD: Mail

Question: Are you running a local mail server?

My Answer: No. I tried turning it on, and then I created a new account in Entourage, but it never connects and instead gives me errors. I'll look into it more when I'm not as tired as I am right now. "mail" on the CLI gives me 1350 messages I have to check. Hmmm.

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6 Responses to "QotD: Mail"

  1. Is there a way for me to set up a local SMTP server? I am unsure which you were implying based on the question. If there is, it would fix my recent SMTP problem.

  2. The problem with local mail servers is that most major ISPs now block any email coming from "residential" IPs, thinking they're spam relays.

    I used to run a local mail server on a PowerMac 7300 (Eudora Internet Mail Server, I think it was.) It ran really well, until EVERYBODY started bouncing my emails thinking I was a spam relay. I tried it at friends houses too (after getting sendmail to work on my iBook) and got the same bounces.


  3. I have enabled PostFix but mostly to provide a convenient SMTP server. I use my PowerBook at work, school, home and various locations via Bluetooth/GPRS. I am going to reinstall my PowerBook soon and probably won't enable it this time since I now have a server with SMTP auth and can use it anywhere. The only problem I had was my university's spam filter blocked the my email sent from my PowerBook, I'm not sure what the specific reason was (SMTP not matching MX, unable to contact server when it arrives, something along those lines)

  4. I'm currently running an Exchange server on Windows Server 2003: Small Business Server. It works well, but not with Mail or Entourage because they keep using IMAP for reasons of Domains. It's a problem Apple still hasn't fixed with Rendezvous.

  5. the app "postfix enabler" did an allright job for me at setting up a local mail server. i only have mine set to send out, but it is handy if my location changes.

  6. Often if you run SMTP on your laptop, it will be blocked outbound and not sent. Frequently port 25 outbound is blocked, otherwise there are no controls over spam leaving the network. So it doesn't really address/fix the issue.