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FTPeel 2.0 – Whaddya Want?

We've kicked around ideas and even begun some initial coding for FTPeel 2.0. I won't say what they are because I'm curious what features you'd like to see. There are, of course, no guarantees that listing something here means it'll be included in FTPeel 2.0, but it will be considered.

9 Responses to "FTPeel 2.0 – Whaddya Want?"

  1. In my opinion, the best FTP client I've ever used (regardless of platform) was BitBeamer on the PC. Its implementation of multi-threaded transfers was second to none - check it out on a PC, please. It's just a shame that it seems to have died. Anyone who could produce something close to this (along with other great features like MagicMirror) would certainly be in a strong position to contend with Transmit and any other FTP client, period. The strong points, FYI, were:

    the ability to control the number of threads (more/less/cancel one) to each server in real-time as well as setting defaults in bookmarks

    seeing the queue and being able to quickly pause/restart it, and shift items up and down in priority

    Just how lightning fast it was. I am guessing it maintained a pool of connected threads to avoid having to authenticate for each file transfer

    One tiny change you could make to the current FTPeel is somehow make editing a file possible without the right-click. Maybe an iTunes 4.5-esque arrow? Or even just a button on the toolbar.

  2. Cmd-J opens a file for editing in the text editor of your choice (so long as it supports the right handlers).

  3. How about a Finder-ish sidebar? Breadcrumbs?

  4. Now that I am using SFTP all the time, I find that using Transmit or FTPeel instead of BBEdit's built-in FTP functionality saves me tons of time. I sort of bounce between the two right now, Magic Mirrors are nice, but I really like that I can set up the default action for double clicking to open in external editor in Transmit. It just sort of depends on what I am doing, initial site development or a quick change as to what I use.

  5. Here's my absolute #1 feature request...sorry if it's already in there (in which case I'm buying it!!!):

    Let me override the permissions of the files that get uploaded. For example, Panther's stupid file permissions for SMB shares are by default set to no-read-write for anybody except the file owner. All my Web sites are on a Linux server here at home. So when I try to upload files from Linux to my hosting company via OS X, all the files end up unreadable by Apache (rw--), therefore none of my uploaded files can be used on the Web. I have to manually check read on group and other on all the files I upload. (I'm currently using rBrowser.)

    So if I could check a box that says: "Override file upload permissions" and tell it to do "rw-r--r--" or something like that, I would be thrilled!!! Then I wouldn't have to waste time manually changing everything.

    What do you think?

  6. Hope it's not too late to add something here . . . I would love to be able to drag a file from one FTPeel connection window to another and have the file transfer automatically take place.

    This would be great when moving files from development server to live server.

    My current workflow is to download the file(s) from the staging server to my local copy which is set up as a Magic Mirror to the live server. So, then I have to locate the recently downloaded files and then drag them to FTPeel in the dock.

    That's not a huge deal and Magic Mirror certainly helps a lot, but needing to transfer a ton of file in lots of different directories, it can take a while.

    To be able to open two FTPeel connections - one to the staging server and one to the live server and just drag the files from one to the other would be great (even if the files had to be downloaded to my computer in the background as an intermediary step.)

  7. I think the user interface needs a huge makeover. As mentioned above a clever mix of Transmit, iTunes and the Finder could be right for an FTP-Killer-App. And, am I wrong or is Transmit working faster than FTPeel? Make it more convenient to use and faster and the result will be shockingly good freshly squeezed mac software 😉

  8. I personally find FTPeel to be quite a bit faster than Transmit, at least for sftp sessions.

    - Scott

  9. I'm getting in on this late, but I just registered FTPeel today.

    Yes, FTPeel seems faster than Transmit for SFTP (or any other client I've tried so far, including Yummy FTP and Interarchy).

    I think something that could be cool is something a bit like Interarchy's SFTP Disks, where FTPeel could optionally monitor a local path in a Magic Mirror and automatically upload files that have been updated. Like live mirroring...this would be cool for coding sessions where you're making lots of small changes to files locally and are constantly uploading the various files to see if they work or not. It would have to be optional though since it's definitely not something you'd want on a liver server, obviously. I think the way Interarchy handles it is by "mounting" it like a removable disk when you want that functionality.

    and I second the idea of transferring from one server to another, that would indeed be nice for transferring from staging to live servers.