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QotD: Guns

Question: Who do you blame: guns or people?

My Answer: People. Duh.

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9 Responses to "QotD: Guns"

  1. People. In fact, the Constitution should be amended to reduce the legality of gun ownership. Even in the U.K., the majority of police officers aren't armed.

  2. i blame "the man." damn "the man!!!"

  3. I blame the people who make it way too easy to get guns in this country.

  4. Basil, the problem with amending the Constitution to restrict the 2nd Amendment is that we then open the door to creating new amendments that would restrict things such as the 1st, 4th, 5th, etc. Secondly, I know some Brits feel strongly about it, but I honestly don't think it's smart to not arm police officers. Violent crime has been on the rise in the UK lately. Sending officers out there with literally no protection against guns, knives, and other deadly weapons is absurd. (I recently read about an officer who was killed by a knife wielding suspect they were apprehending during a raid. I couldn't believe they weren't even armed during a raid.)

  5. People with guns?


  6. I think it is people. Even though I think most of his film is crap Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine brings up the point that Canada has more guns per capita than America, but their gun related violence is a lot less. The problem is all of my fellow countrymen who love freedom, but eschew responsibility.

  7. It's not guns that kill people; it's people with guns that kill people.

  8. So do people with cars. Or pitchforks.

  9. This is what we've come to? Blaming inanimate objects? Are we going to blame the Sun tomorrow if we get hot? People pull the trigger. That's the end of the story. People were killing each other in large numbers way before guns were ever invented.