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Random Microsoft Employee Quote

Said a Microsoft employee very recently regarding the Cringely article that has caused a small stir in the Mac community (re: the new iPod division and the possible, eventual demise of "the Mac"):

Maybe they'll sell an x86 version of Mac OS for a few years. Then, Microsoft will fall way behind on Longhorn and decide to scrap it. They'll shop around for other OS's for a few years and then buy Apple. Steve Jobs will become iCEO and the next Windows will be based on Mac OS X with a compatibility box for Win32 apps.

Said Jobs at one point in 1997:

So that's the plan: Screw the dealers, sell direct, pit Rhapsody against NT, build Intel boxes, contract out the cheap stuff, and throw away the rest of the company. It just might work with the right leadership and no flinching.

Uh huh. 😉

One Response to "Random Microsoft Employee Quote"

  1. The article linked behind "Said Jobs" (which, incidentally, that article doesn't say he did; I'm assuming that particular phrase is Cringley's, not yours)... where was I? Oh. The article linked behind "Said Jobs" is interesting. What's most interesting about it is how many things Cringley said would happen (not just *may* happen), and didn't.