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MT3 and Users

I thought MovableType 3 would let me ban users and mark some users as "approved." This only seems to work for TypeKey users. Even my comments - posted using the same username, email address, and URL each time - are up for moderation each and every time*

I have a user "lipitor" posting several spammy comments right now, and until MT-Blacklist is "3.0-ized," I'd like to ban this user. I'd also like to approve several of my regular (but non-TypeKey-using) users as well. This doesn't seem possible!? I thought it should be in 3.0?

* As to why I'm not using TypeKey for myself, well, it's because the stupid thing insists on using my username (iacas) and not my full name (Erik J. Barzeski) as I've specified in its preferences. Grrrr.

P.S. Why does deleting moderated comments take so freakin' long? If I understand it correctly, you delete one row (or 18 rows) from a table. You don't have to delete anything from the individual pages - or rebuild them - because moderated comments haven't been posted to them yet.

7 Responses to "MT3 and Users"

  1. You too? I *just* finished deleting 40+ comment spams from this same user. I am so looking forward to a MT-Blacklist for 3.0, if one is on the way.

  2. The lipitor spammer was whacking my site a few hours ago, I ip-banned him and the problem went away. MT 3.0 seriously need an MT-Blacklist plugin though.

  3. MT-B is coming… lipitor seems to be done with my blog now. I hadn't noticed that the IPs were the same. Usually it's not that easy!

  4. I had no success with 3.0, comments in particular. Being the comment system was the most compelling reason to upgrade, with it not working I just went back to 2.661. I am happy mt-blacklisting away. Liptor ate it a couple hours ago on my site.

  5. Say you moderate based on name:email:url. Since name and url are completely known and public, that makes email a password, and most people don't treat it that way.

    Me, I'll just wait until Mark Pilgrim comments and gets approved, and then post all the spam I want as 😉

    (Rebuilding on moderated deleting? How odd. I haven't ever looked at that code, have to see.)

  6. Ish., line 1603, it knows it deleted a comment, which might be invisible, but it just pushes the entry onto @rebuild_entries without even an unless !$obj->visible (and since @rebuild_entries builds dependencies, if you delete comments on 20 entries, you rebuild 60 entries (prev, entry, next), plus categories and the like, plus all your index templates 20 times). I stuck it in the bug db.

  7. So does this mean I'm going to have to create a TypeKey identity to make comments? I'm not sure if it's worth it...