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QotD: Blog Posting

Question: How do you blog?

My Answer: I blog by logging in and editing articles right here. Occasionally, for longer entries, I'll edit in BBEdit, but 99% of the time I do it all via my browser. I know a lot of people use ecto, so PulpFiction will work with ecto by version 1.0.2 (our version) now that Adriaan has added some support for external editors (and for receiving information from external apps). I pushed many of my friends towards Kung-Log, now ecto, and would give it a try myself if the demo version actually let me use it instead of insisting that my trial was up.

You are encouraged to answer the Question of the Day for yourself in the comments or on your blog.

8 Responses to "QotD: Blog Posting"

  1. What do you mean, that PF will "work with" ecto? Isn't one input and one output, so to speak?

    Anyway, as for the QoTD, I'm an ecto gal myself. The only time I edit directly in the MT interface is when I see an error in an older entry and use an Admin Link. 🙂

  2. I'm with Becky, I use ecto. I enjoyed using Kung-Log, and when ecto came out I was more than happy to fork over some dough to get it.

    The only time I use the brower to access MT is to make some minor changes to the code.

  3. Right now, I actually do all my adding/editing using phpMyAdmin directly. Ugly, I know, but why should I care that much?

    Actually, I'm soon going to create an Admin section for myself to sign in and upload new entries without having to keep track of what entry number I'm on.

  4. i was an ecto guy until they started asking for money. after giving it a goodly amount of thought i just dropped back to kung-log. i could not find one aspect of ecto that thrilled me over kung-log. it constantly want to ping was not thrilling me, and it failed on XMLRPC calls just as frequently.

    i may have to pony up the money for SubEthaEdit, as it also switched license schemes, but neither ecto nor kung-log have ever been a strong enough product for me to consider. the new ecto is obnoxious as all get out with its overuse of drawers. maybe i have too much esteem for drawers, or it is just that i feel bad when i have more drawer than window.

    have you tried to ditch BBEdit for SubEthaEdit is the question. i harrassed my boss about it for months. the week he switched SubEthaEdit stood right beside BBEdit and from then on out BBEdit has as much chance of getting picked as a fat kid in a game of dodgeball.

    AutoComplete too.

  5. Like Brent, I've got a news aggregator for sale (and available free). Unlike Brent, mine does not have a built-in blog editor (nor will it). Today I've finally had a chance to breathe since PulpFiction's release, and I've contacted a...

  6. I use Blosxom, which subscribes to the “everything is a file” Unix philosophy, so I suspect my workflow is probably different from most people’s, but:

    I write my posts in SubEthaEdit, using Markdown syntax. When I’m finished, I use gust’s HumaneText service to convert the posts to HTML. I then pipe my HTML through Tidy, using TextExtras execute pipe functionality, and save the post in place to my blog directory hierarchy, where Blosxom picks it up and serves it.

  7. Sorry, but had to reply to tbuddy:

    ecto only has one drawer, attached to the main window, so I'm not sure what you mean with "overuse of drawers".

    Also, pinging blog directories is an option. You can turn that off via the Main window's "Advanced" pane. Almost everything in ecto is configurable.

  8. I mainly use the Movable Type web gui to post to my blog. However, for several months I have been evaluating Mac weblog editors/clients, and ecto is definitely the best of the bunch. My findings are here.