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External Blog Editors

Like Brent, I've got a news aggregator. Unlike Brent's, mine does not have a built-in blog editor. Brent posted about supporting external editors, and now that I've had a chance to breathe, I've emailed Brent about his standard. We've shared a few emails the protocol and look forward to working with Brent to support it in PulpFiction. We're busy with a lot of things, but we hope to sneak support into our 1.0.1 release.

Yesterday's QotD asked people how they edit their blogs, and the responses that I received both in comments and IMs confirms one thing: that nearly everyone has a different way. Since PulpFiction was nothing more than a rough spec sheet, we'd planned to integrate with external editors.

Brent's plan looks to provide a standard way to do so, and we're happy to support standards. As the author* of a blog aggregator without a blog editor, I believe strongly in working with other applications to achieve tremendous functionality. Doing so via a common, shared interface is even better. We've expanded PulpFiction's drag and drop, having supported Brent's clipboard format since 1.0, and will continue to integrate with external applications, ideas, and so on as they evolve.

This post was edited to reflect the results of the early conversations I've had with Brent on the topic. Working together is a good thing that benefits everyone, and we're there.