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QotD: Knowing a Blogger

Question: How well do you think you can get to know a person just by reading his/her blog?

My Answer: This varies depending on whose blog you're reading, but I'd have to put the rating somewhere between "not at all" and "1%." Some bloggers talk only about work, some talk only about their pet cat, and some talk about quite a bit more. I talk a little bit about everything here, yet what ends up "on paper" represents around 1% of my life at most. Blog readers don't know what I'm doing, thinking, or saying 99% of the time.

It's this knowledge of my own blogging habits and life that prevent me from making any judgments about anyone else based on their blog. A person's blog may be a window into their world, but just as you can see very little of your world when you look out your window, you can see very little of a person by reading their blog.

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2 Responses to "QotD: Knowing a Blogger"

  1. perhaps u can know as much as the blogger wishes u to know. no matter how honest i would like my blog to be, i have found i have to omit mentioning somethings in my blog. eg of a sexual nature, or about someone whose identity may be guessed; i am always conscious that what i write is only my version of things, as i found out when one of the comments pointed it out on a entry i made about what straights do on a weekend.

  2. Depends how many times the words, I, me, myself, my, etc. appears on it.