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Anyone got a Segway they'd sell to me for $500? Now there's a flop of a product, eh? The last time I've even thought about them in the past six months was yesterday when I saw one in a movie.

3 Responses to "Segways"

  1. Perhaps George W. Bush is looking to get rid of that one that he fell off last year. It's worth a try.

  2. I see one fairly regularily, some professor on campus has one and drives it everywhere. Looks pretty lame really, the old man with his little helmet on the Segway. but I never expected anyone in Platteville to get one.

  3. I saw someone riding one down the sidewalk a few days ago, and I couldn't help myself, and like some kind of Nelson Muntz impersonator I shouted "HAW-haw, too futuristic!" They didn't hear me, but I think that's basically the whole thing. People riding them look completely out of place, like a seal in the mountains. You see it, and you just can't do anything but go, "Huh?!?"

    The odd thing is that for some reason, even though the people riding them may be very able-bodied, they all look handicapped. I cannot explain that no matter how hard I try.