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QotD: iApps

Question: What is your favorite iApp?

My Answer: iTunes, by far. It's the only one in my dock and it's usually the only one that gets any use. I use Lightbox for photos and Final Cut Pro for videos.

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7 Responses to "QotD: iApps"

  1. My favorite is iPhoto. I use it very often. As a side note: I like it better than a third party because I like the integration between it and other iLife applications.

  2. I suppose I use iTunes more than anything else, but I'd have to say GarageBand is my favorite.

    - Scott

  3. Definetly have to go with iTunes. It is the originall "iApp" and is still the best. iPhoto is much better now than it was at version 1 or 2, but I still like iTunes the best.

  4. iPhoto basically lost its chance with me. The first few versions were completely incapable of meeting my needs (tens of thousands of images, most stored on CDs, more coming in all the time, with captions, keywords, locations, and other metadata attached for easy searching). So I bought iView MediaPro and it's been working great for me. This is the type of application for which the effort required to switch is very high. So now, even if the current version of iPhoto would meet my needs, I'm very unlikely to switch. It had a chance to hook me and it failed.

  5. iTunes, definitely. I might use iPhoto a bit more if I owned the new version (mainly just for the performance).

    I use iCal quite a bit, and iChat occasionally. I've never even started up iMovie.

  6. I don't own a movie camera, so I don't use iMovie except for very rarely, but when I have, I've found it perfectly suited to whatever I was trying to do.

    I have iTunes running all the time. Seriously, it might as well be part of the OS as far as I'm concerned. Same with iChat and iCal.

    I use iPhoto to keep all of my personal photos, but ever since I lost my still camera (long story) I've used it pretty infrequently. Even when I was taking a lot of pictures, iPhoto was strictly a storage tool for me. I wasn't making a lot of slideshows or DVDs or anything like that.

  7. OCD software, Mac style

    I might try Lightbox as an alternative to iPhoto. iPhoto's always seemed like a distant cousin of that dreaded family,...