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My Response to Joshua on CSS

Joshua has accused me of stealing and lying at his blog. The facts of the matter are simple.

  1. Joshua emailed me and asked if I had stolen or otherwise used his tab code. I checked my browser history for his site and didn't find it. I replied, basically, "nope - I never visited your site."
  2. Joshua asked me to give him credit for the tabs regardless of my previous statement, because in his mind I'd clearly stolen his code. I refused on principle: I had not. I'd looked at five or ten other sites, gotten an idea how to do the tabs, and written them on my own.
  3. Joshua re-arranged my CSS to more closely resemble his, then went forth with his blog entry accusing me of stealing his tabs.
  4. Joshua went so far as to remove some comments from people who supported my position and asked valid questions (such as one about Joshua's subtle re-arrangement of my code).

I could have avoided the whole thing simply by giving him (false) credit, but I chose not to because, again, I didn't take his code.

That's really all there is to it.

One other simple fact: just because someone accuses you of something doesn't make it true. There are also three sides to every story: person A's, person B's, and the truth, which is often somewhere in between.

Joshua's math is also false. You cannot claim 19 items are in the same order when they're subsets of other things which must be in a certain order. Furthermore, the ordering of the elements (which Joshua re-arranged) is pretty typical of the way CSS is designed, inside-out.

I've written and back-dated this entry years after the incident, but I recall very clearly my reasons for denying that I'd used Joshua's code and his response to it.

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