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Feeds: index.rss and comments.rss

Howdy folks: quick note here. I'm going to delete my index.rdf and index.xml files. These are version 0.92 and 1.0 feeds. Instead, use these feeds:


I've posted this single entry to the now-restored index.rdf and index.xml files. I will be deleting them in the near future once again.

3 Responses to "Feeds: index.rss and comments.rss"

  1. One questions why you don't redirect the old feeds to the new ones (mod_rewrite) or at least send a Moved 301. People may have (unlikely, but hey!) linked to your feeds.

  2. I have my reasons.

  3. What do you see when you visit A week or so ago I moved solely to index.rss and comment.rss feeds. My 404 page triggers a search, and my MovableType activity log has, since I replaced index.rdf with a very...