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Grrrrrrr: Entourage 2004

How many ways can Entourage 2004 find to annoy me?


Grrrrrr. In other words: how the fuck am I supposed to control the order of the items in the menu if renaming them doesn't solve it?

3 Responses to "Grrrrrrr: Entourage 2004"

  1. I'm curious (not trying to start an Apple/MS battle) as to why you use Entourage. I'm a user, and am very happy with it. And considering I came from mutt, that's saying a lot. Sure, I gave up tons of power and control, but whatever. Mail works great for me.

    I'm just wondering why I might be missing that Entourage could give me - and if they are features that I would use, or if Mail is actually the right one for me.

  2. Categories (with colors). Great AppleScript support. Better handling of multiple accounts. Better keyboard shortcuts. Many other reasons. Mail isn't powerful enough for me, and some of the things that annoy me I cannot change or even ignore most of the time. My inbox shouldn't have a disclosure triangle, dammit. 😛

  3. Agreed, sorta. An app I use, Epiphany doesn't allow you to reorder the bookmarks in a bookmark menu (either on the toolbar or in the main menu). They're always alphabetized. This is especially annoying because of the often use of bookmarks and their possibly constantly changing position. I can never learn where they are. I imagine its even moreso annoying in Entourage there.