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.500 Ball

As I write this, the Pittsburgh Pirates have taken a doubleheader from Chicago to "leap" to 22-22. That's dead last in the NL Central, but it's a better record than thirteen other teams in both leagues and good enough to separate the Pirates from first by only 4 games. It could be an interesting year. Or, y'know, it might not be. Small market teams like Pittsburgh rarely have much of a chance - the 1990-1992 seasons I consider flukes (helped with a good mix of veterans and young stars like Jay Bell, Jeff King, Barry Bonds, Bobby Bonilla, Andy van Slyke, etc.).

I'm going to see the Bucs take on the Marlins July 7, and July 5 and 6 if Gabe can get some good tickets.

One Response to ".500 Ball"

  1. July 5 sounds good to me. I haven't seen the Fish play the Bucs since the 1994 season. Jeeze!