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Tedious Tiger

I just finished playing the Southern Major Championship in Tiger Woods 2004. As I lined up a 14-foot putt on the 72nd green, the announcer said "This is for the win!"

Thing is, he could have said that 55 putts later. I won by 57 shots. I shot 51-52-52-52: 207 total and 77 under par. At one point in the third round, I was 7 under after four holes and 8 under after five in the second round. I hit one ball out of bounds in the final round (I got a bit cocky I suppose, and tried a super shot) and it cost me the only bogey of the tournament. I lipped out about seven putts, left a few long ones a a few inches short, and had one double eagle. I chipped in about five times from off the green for eagles or more. I missed three greens and three fairways. I played out of two bunkers and holed one of the shots.

And yet I keep playing, because you've got to at least complete an entire season to break some of the records. Ho hum. Tedious to say the least.