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QotD: AirPort Express

Question: Are you going to buy an AirPort Express?

My Answer: You bet your behind, baby! I am, however, dreading the inevitable "pulling out of the receiver" that will be necessary to connect it to my speaker system in the living room.

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5 Responses to "QotD: AirPort Express"

  1. I'm very tempted, not necessarily for the wireless aspect - I already have a Linksys router for that. And not even for the pushing the sound through better speakers - I have 4.1 spakers on my computer. What I would use it for is to push my iTunes through my Bose system in the living room. That's all it would do for me. Is it worth $119 (educational pricing) for that? Hard to say.

  2. Then again, articles like this make me wonder if I should just wait.

  3. Do I want it? Hell yes! Will I buy it? Not right now. Unfortunately, I have more pressing things to spend money on...

  4. Personally, I think most people are only seeing the audio line-out aspect of the Airport Express. I see that feature as a VERY nice addition to a cheap Airport. If I weren't burdened by a desktop Mac (and the only burden is the "desktop" part), then I'd be all over it. As it stands, I'm jumping on that sucker when I purchase my next Mac (which I expect to be a laptop). From the specs I've seen, it matches what I need for wireless networking and it has that spiff-tacular audio out feature.

  5. I'm drawn to it, but I have no practical application for it.

    I have my workstation where my 5.1 speakers are hard-wired to my PowerMac and the only time I'd use the ones in the lounge are if I'm combining it with video (in which case, my ibook has its plethora of sound, video, video connectors, power and ethernet cables coming out of it).