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New New Coke

Coke C2 is a new Coke with half the carbs and half the calories. It's also got about half the taste. Yes, I can tell the difference. It's passable when you're thirsty and not nearly as bad as diet Coke, but ick. I want my calories and carbs right along with my caffeine, darnit.

9 Responses to "New New Coke"

  1. I really am hooked on Diet Coke. I am not even on a diet. It just has this addictive, overly-sweet taste to it. I drink a 16-oz bottle of it everyday after morning coffee.

  2. My mom really likes coke. Some time ago she started drinking the caffeine free kind. Then, the diet caffeine free. I just don't understand it at that point. Its "flavored" fizzy water. I like my coke straight up *grin*

  3. C2 has too much carbs for the strict phase of a low carb diet. I don't see the point of it, since diet coke has 0g carbs (although it tastes like shit). I'm nearing the end of the strict phase on the South Beach diet & it's a lot less painful than I expected, although it'll be nice to be able to eat fruit and *some* whole grain bread again.

  4. Well, I'm addicted to Diet Coke, but I don't really have much of a choice being diabetic and all... But I really enjoy the new Diet Coke with Lime, that's some good stuff right there.

    Eventually I'll C2 a try... It couldn't be any worse than New Coke. Yack!

  5. Personally I'll stick with Pepsi, it just has the right mix that makes the difference to me. However, a pop is a pop, and when you're thirsty anything will do.

  6. Don't you know all that stuff is extremely bad for your body? It's kind of ironic that most computer engineers, while they know all about the GIGO principle of computing, will put all kinds of garbage in their bodies. Very disturbing.


  7. Im sorry but plain old coke is nasy stuff.. way to sweet way to much syrup (same with Pepsi) I LOVE diet coke... and I'm not on a diet either... it just has a better taste to me. I would like to try C2 but I think it may be to sweet.

  8. Coca-Cola C2を飲んでみた…

    コカ・コーラ C2 カロリー1/2、おいしさキープ。 していないよ。 ダイエットコークも好きじゃないけど、 これも好きじゃない。 普通のコーラを買うだろうなぁ。 もっと激しくうまいとう...

  9. Half-Carb Sodas

    Hey, food-tech is still tech, yes? Good. So after reading Erik's adventure with C2 I decided to pick up some as well as some Pepsi Edge and give 'em both a whirl. I entered into this knowing marketing sucks. There's...