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FSS RSS and FTPeel 1.1.4

Two quick announcements today. First, Freshly Squeezed Software now has an RSS feed. I'm editing it by hand for now because I'm unaware of a straight old RSS-creation app. Subscribe to it and stay up to date with FSS news.

Second, FTPeel 1.1.4 is now available. A free upgrade of course, version 1.1.4 fixes a number of smaller issues and enhances the FTP-SSL functionality with some servers (and a few other things). It also fixes one of the most annoying bugs involving typing to select. Check the extended entry or the version history for more details.

I've currently got four two one gmail invitations and any friend that wants one has one, so the first four people to purchase FTPeel today and to write to me or IM me will receive a gmail invitation. Limit 4, naturally, and first come, first served.

  • Bugs fixed:
    • Fixed a bug where the application would unhide itself if it was hidden, a new transfer was added, and the download window was set to show itself.
    • Fixed an uncaught "selector not recognized" exception when attempting to change the search criteria.
    • Fixed an uncaught "index beyond bounds" exception when attempting to click just below the last directory entry in a column within column view.
    • Fixed an uncaught "can't load path in path" exception, and problems logging in, when the initial path was relative.
    • Fixed a problem affecting the ability to log into FTP-SSL servers that run the WS_FTP server software.
    • Fixed a bug that was causing FTP-SSL directory listings & transfers to fail if the server's certificate chain was unknown or invalid or had expired certificates.
    • Fixed a bug that was sometimes causing FTP-SSL connections to stall mysteriously.
    • Fixed a bug that was sometimes causing FTP-SSL data transfers to fail randomly.
    • Fixed a bug that was preventing FTPeel from starting a drag-and-drop download if the file was dropped into Cocoatech's Path Finder application.
    • Fixed a bug where type-ahead selection would fail after changing directories or opening a new window while in list view.
  • Improvements:
    • Multi-file and directory delete operations now occur in another thread, so the UI will no longer hang when deleting a directory on a slow server.
    • Added better error handling code.
    • FTPeel now preserves file permissions on a file when a file is downloaded. This also means customized file permissions are no longer lost when using the external editor feature over SFTP.
  • New features:
    • Added compatibility with FTP-SSL servers that do not support encrypted data transfer (e.g. PureFTPD).

2 Responses to "FSS RSS and FTPeel 1.1.4"

  1. I'm using Relatively Simple Syndication for's static RSS doc. It works, though I wish it could edit the RSS file directly. Instead, you have to edit in the app and then "export" the file. Somewhat tedious.

  2. You should try Kalsey Consulting's Blogfeed. This should take all the tedium away.