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John is doing something daring indeed with Daring Fireball: asking for you to support his efforts. Even though I was given a key awhile ago (I purposely changed some details and flipped them around so as not to give any hints away), today I bought the t-shirt. The color grey, it's just so hot! 🙂

I hope that enough of you cough up a few bucks and join. John writes well, and has a mind to match. It'd be a pity to lose his voice from among the few capable of his level of entertainment, insight, humor, and tact.

2 Responses to "Daring"

  1. John said that his site will still be free. To quote;

    It is essential to note that Daring Fireball is and will remain a free web site. New articles and the complete archive are available to everyone, free of charge. This is a good thing - it's the way of the web. Writers who wish to charge everyone who reads their work would do well to considering other media.

    So I doubt we will lose him, but he would be highly hindered.

  2. He also said that he'd have a hard time devoting the time and effort he does now to the site. I'm not saying he'd take his site down and go home: I'm saying he'd publish even more sporadically than he does now:

    I've been treating it as such as best I can, to the detriment of my income and career, and that course is simply no longer sustainable.

    In other words, the amount he publishes now is not otherwise sustainable.