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MacDevCenter on RSS on X

Giles Turnbull says some nice things about PulpFiction in a little ditty calledRSS: The Next Generation:

At $25*, this is a good-value application that offers many new features for RSS. Treating feeds like email makes a lot of sense, especially for newcomers to the concept.

Giles talks about how he doesn't save articles very frequently, and I'll admit that I don't either: I flag and keep articles I want to keep and I keep all articles from certain blogs, leaving them in their subfolder. Otherwise, I skip through my articles by pressing the delete key (or the mapped button my wireless mouse when I feel like sitting way back in my chair). I choose to delete articles older than one week: long enough for me to find a recent article that springs back to mind, but not so long as to cruft up my trash.

PulpFiction 1.0.1 is in very active development with over fifty bug fixes and improvements under its belt already. It will be available by the end of the month.

* Users capable of scrolling down or flipping back a few entries on this blog will only have to pay $20. 🙂