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.Mac Outage

As I write this, .Mac's email service has been out for over five hours. Lovely.

9 Responses to ".Mac Outage"

  1. Eh? I've been having crap sent to my INBOX for a while now, and I haven't noticed an outage.

  2. It's been out for every one of the fourteen people I've asked tonight as well.

  3. It's been fine for me all day, including right now.

    I'm checking from upstate New York, on roadrunner.

  4. According to dotmac support site, mail is unavailable to a "small portion of users" and will be "resolved tonight by 12:00 am PDT."

    (For a cool hundred a year, Apple at least has given us a .mac status indicator!)

  5. I've just been writing back and forth to a friend and my account is with .Mac. I checked my email again and it seems fine. Network trouble on the way from your ISP to Apple's servers? Did you try a ping or traceroute?

  6. My .Mac email account was also unavailable for quite some time earlier, but now it's back, so it's all good.

  7. .mac uses a server cluster, that's why it works for some, and not for others.

  8. Haven't had an issue today with .Mac although I am based in Australia.

  9. I've been monitoring a new installation of some mail filtering software on a friend's network, so I've got it set up to send me a status report every hour on the hour. I received each one on time all day yesterday and through the night.