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QotD: Morning Show

Question: If you were going to have a morning talk radio show, what would you call it?

My Answer: My radio named would be "Charlie Wood" and I'd call my show "Morning Wood" or "Wake up with Wood." Of course, I'd have to prepare for a month so as not to laugh every time I said it myself. 🙂

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8 Responses to "QotD: Morning Show"

  1. I'd call it 'Morning Edition' and hire Bob Edwards back.

  2. The radio would be called ‘Ölbaum’s Radio’ (just to piss off non umlaut-savvy people / software / developers) and the show ‘Morning Delirium’.

  3. Actually, gary, Bob Edwards is still employed with NPR:

    Edwards began his new role as senior correspondent with NPR News on May 3, with a report on the new World War II memorial in Washington, DC.

    I still miss his voice every morning though.

  4. One of the best Halloween costumes I've ever seen was a guy dressed up as "Morning Wood." - Bath robe, newspaper, and covered in tree bark.

  5. Yea, really. Nothing against Steve Inskeep, but he doesn't have "the voice". I like Renee Montagne, but she's been on vacation for the last couple weeks. Although I don't think it's really a vacation, more like a "let's see how Steve does on his own" test. No doubt, when Renee comes back, Steve will go on vacation.

    Oh, and to answer the original question, my morning radio show would be called, "Don't F-ing Bother Me! With your host, I. M. Sleeping." 🙂


  6. Cool, I'm not the only NPR junkie here. 🙂 I miss Bob Edward's voice in the morning too. It made the morning commute just a bit easier.

    I'm also nervous that they won't have Nina Totenberg reading the supreme court transcripts anymore now that they allow audio recording of some of the sessions.

  7. Nothing beats the "Morning Wood" show. That's classic.

    I'd probably call my show "I'm Up @ 6AM. What the F@$K More Do You Want?", but with current FCC regulations, that would be impossible.

  8. hey man, i've had a radio show for 4 years called morning wood. rock on