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If you wish to get a sneak peek at what we're finishing up for release by Friday (tentatively), you can download this file:

I've posted the changelog in the extended entry. Two things of imporance:

  1. Back up your database file.
  2. Submit any remaining bugs via email (erik @ the domain above) or via IM (iacas on AIM, and please introduce yourself). Please do not use this post for bug reports or feature requests.

We've changed the styles as well. I've uploaded all that we have at

Remaining 1.0.1 bugs
* Possible Demo Timeout Issues Still Exist
* PFL Prefs don't always save properly
* Main Window nib objects don't always release on close
* FileDescriptor remains an issue and needs resolved
* A few random #warnings (of our own authorship) need removed as outdated
* Rearranging Folders sometimes - _sometimes_ - is goofy
* Documentation needs updated

Public Things Done Since 1.0 Release

PulpFiction Lite
* Removed "Apply Filters" menu item

+ Selections now retained when label modified in Subscription Manager
+ Subscriptions Manager search box searches all visible text fields
+ Label names can now be searched in viewer windows
* Fixed error (typo) when setting label in filter action
* Labels colors use color space to prevent console message
* Fixed issue with "+" button in Labels pref pane creating two new labels
+ Labels menu now shows checkmarks in subscriptions manager
* Stylesheets searching now scans only one level
+ pftheme: protocol handler helps theme authors get to images in Stylesheets directory
- Removed custom template from preferences as part of theme revision (HTML files)
* Fixed the default template to include a break to clear:both around images
+ Users can now filter based on a subscription's label
+ "Run Filters" checkbox added to preferences
- Removed "source" as a filter option. It did nothing anyway.
* Fixed an issue switching from Article Content to Subscription in filters
* Disabled ability to create multiple identical filters with "Filterize" command
* Improved handling of deleted folders in filters

PulpFiction/PulpFiction Lite
- Removed "as" from "Mark All as Read"
+ pulp: protocol handler for preview window added
+ Added support for external blog editors
* Next/previous unread commands now traverse folders
+ Added ability to choose fonts for Subscription Manager and Viewer windows
* Removed newlines pasted into the subscribe text box
* managingEditor used as the creator in RSS 2.x feeds
* Replaced date parser, generator with much faster versions
+ Implemented priority queue for database access with GUI priority
* Folder IDs modified to make more sense (internal)
* Number columns now sort numerically instead of alphabetically
* Columns now match contextual menu at all times
* Column sizes now remember themselves when the window is resized
* Green checkmark used when "not modified" response received when checking feeds
+ "Check for New Version" menu item added
+ Added view menu for Subscriptions Manager as well
* No longer allow duplicate subscriptions
+ Labels now support "do not show label colors" option
+ Keyboard shortcuts for InBox/Flagged/Trash/Subs Manager modified
+ Preview no longer refreshed when fetching articles
* Improved ability to parse even horribly broken date formats
+ Added custom drag image when dragging articles and subscriptions
+ cmd-opt-f keyboard shortcut added for placing cursor in search box
* Small versions of some toolbar icons are now used
* Fixed issue whereby double-clicking status icon in subs manager brought up edit sheet
* Added a "mark all read" feature to toolbar, CM (hold option key)
* CSS files are now HTML files with CSS in <style> tags
+ Drag and drop improved for subscribing and autodiscovery of feeds
* Fixed Dock Icon unresponsive when many unread articles
* Clicking links in preview panes now respects the "open browser in background" setting
* Support for links with target properties added.
* GUID created when no link or guid present based on content
* Revised "make up good title when none provided" algorithm
+ Now accepting "feed:http:" links
+ Now have "do sql query" script functionality
* Now accept all 2xx HTTP responses as success (formerly 200 only)
* Status bar now updates when searches are performed
* Status column now included in Subscriptions Manager contextual menu
* Fixed a Table and Transaction leak (which resolves many type 1 errors)
* Fixed issue whereby deleted articles would sometimes return as new
* Fixed an assertion failure in NSView for the subscription manager
* Fixed a crash that infrequently occurred when setting status message
* Fixed crash when "Edit Subscription" was clicked in toolbar
+ Added per-subscription setting to show feed data or link

4 Responses to "PF1.0.1b1"

  1. Thanks Erik!

    The speed increase is most appreciated! It's very useable now! To those holding out on getting PF, 1.0.1 should be what you need, the beauty of PF now has speed.

  2. *both.thumbs.up*

  3. Much faster now. Huge difference.

  4. Massive speed improvement!