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PulpFiction 1.0.1 Betas

pficon4.jpgI've previously hinted that PulpFiction 1.0.1 would be available soon. In our efforts to massively improve the speed, fix some bugs, and add some nifty features, we've hit a few snags - things that take a little longer than we imagined - and are so bound by our perfectionism that we can't officially release 1.0.1 in its current state.

Most developers might call the work we're doing enough to warrant a 2.0 or 1.5 moniker, or at the very least 1.1, but we're sticking with (for now) calling this PulpFiction 1.0.1. Instead of making you wait even longer, however, we're instituting a rolling release plan. Every few days the first URL listed below will contain an updated 1.0.1 build. You're free to use these as you see fit with the understanding that they are betas and may act erratically or poorly. We encourage you to send us bug reports through the site and to test.

We think you'll at least appreciate the speed boost. The ability to choose your own fonts. The enhanced "mark all read" functionality (hold the option key and click the toolbar). The ability to view the linked content instead of the content of the feed. And much more. Hmm, come to think of it, maybe this will be a 1.1 release… 🙂

We've updated the stylesheet format, and you can download any of our current themes for 1.0.1 by getting the second URL:

Updated (a few times per week) beta of PulpFiction 1.0.1:

Registration codes will continue to work and by tomorrow we hope to have the feature in place which will reset demo periods to provide a new 15 days.

14 Responses to "PulpFiction 1.0.1 Betas"

  1. To quote McDonalds' latest ad campaign; "I'm loving' it!"

    Not that I agree with McDonalds, or their ad campaign, but I am loving PF 1.0.1 now. 🙂 Thanks FSS Team!

  2. What started out really good becomes even better. Everybody should download this beta and enjoy his new favorite app as much as I do now 🙂 Great job.. so speedy

  3. Holy... now that's what I want. PF 1.01 is a whole heck of a lot faster.

  4. please mark when you put an updated beta up by having the date built next to the download. the beta is so great I want to make sure I keep up with any incremental changes!

  5. I will do that Emily.

  6. Nice work! Finally - no more floods of SQL errors (knock wood), the speed increase is VERY noticeable (and welcome), I'm now officially off NetNewsWire. 😉

  7. Hey Erik, I'm just wondering how it is you pick your version numbers? I seem to remember that there was a reason they are printed out the way they are. I'm sure you're probably aware of it and choose to set your versions based on the "marketing" factor but for those that aren't sure here's a quick explanation...

    Take 1.2.4 as a sample version number. The first number (1) is only incremented when major UI details change or significant features (read, not tweaks or simple enhancements) are added. The second number (2) is incremented for any minor interface changes or features. The third number (4) changes when bugs are fixed but no noticeable changes make it into the interface.

    Personally, I like this and it's a pet peeve of mine when software authors pick their version numbers willy nilly out of thin air. Any thoughts?

    Anyway, I've downloaded and will be playing with the new beta. I like the look of PF but the speed of the first release sent me back to NNWL in a hurry. I had never seen the little pizza so often on my poor little 500Mhz iBook.

  8. There's also the Linux way of numbering: The major version changed when binary comptability breaks, odd minor version are for development releases, even for stable releases, and the release changes, well, every release.

    And there's the most common way: just think of a number you like 🙂

  9. I thought you were going to reset the trial period?

  10. The next beta release resets the demo period. We didn't want people testing the current 1.0.1 with a new demo period because it'd stop them from trying 1.0.1 when it's officially released if the beta took more than 15 days. 1.0.1 betas are much faster, but there are some odd bugs that will be squashed in the coming 15 days. I don't want you to have your 1.0.1 trial expire just as we release 1.0.1 (non-beta).

  11. When is the demo going to be reset? I have less than a day left on this 1.01b.

  12. We're looking to get the next 1.0.1 beta out - which will reset the beta period for the 1.0.1 time frame - tomorrow.

  13. Pulp Fiction Public Betas

    Pulp Fiction now has betas out to hopefully fix all the issues.

  14. 1.0.1b2 is now available from the PulpFiction page at FSS.