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Shooting, Day One

Kati and I went shooting today. I was a bit suspicious that Miss Boca Fashion Plate could hold her own, but she performed rather well. Kati's shots are from 10-15 feet, mine are at about 30-35. She didn't fire less rounds: she just missed the paper a bit more frequently. 🙂


To those who think that shooting a handgun accurately is easy, I offer the above proof. Take ten big steps away from a wall and turn around. 35 feet is not that far - dart throwers are probably more accurate from that range than I am (currently) with a handgun.

You'll notice the number of low shots: this isn't indicative of a poorly sighted gun, but instead of one's natural instinct to try to counter the recoil by dropping the gun (i.e. pointing it down, not literally dropping it to the ground) as you pull the trigger. For me, this will be a mind over matter issue: I know the recoil is not that bad, so I have to just pull through the shot. I shoot fairly well with a rifle and quite well with a shotgun, but handguns are new to me. I may even take a lesson so that I get started on the right foot.

I do not want to return to the Delray Shooting Center. Because I cannot take my gun home until next Wednesday, one of the workers brought it out from the back and set it on the counter. He asked me to sign paperwork and something tipped me off: I said "I'm not here to take it home, I can't until next week: I'm just here to use the range." He said "oh, yeah, sorry." In other words, he wasn't paying attention so much that I could have left with my gun the day after I purchased it.

Kati and I went into the range and shot a few rounds. The boys, clearly trying to impress Kati, brought one of their fully automatic machine guns into the the range and fired off about 200 rounds in a few seconds.

Later, one of them noticed Kati doing something wrong and showed her how to correctly hold the pistol. He did this by grabbing my gun, closing the chamber, and holding the gun out. He then handed the gun back to me in a fairly careless fashion. This broke several of my gun safety rules:

  1. Never take someone's gun without asking them permission.
  2. Always ask to see that the gun is unloaded before taking the gun.
  3. Never hand someone a closed chamber gun, regardless of how sure they are that it's unloaded.
  4. NEVER point the barrel of a gun at anyone. By this I mean even a barrel which isn't even assembled or attached to a trigger, grip, etc. Ain't nobody I've ever met that wants to stare down the barrel of a gun.

The boys left and Kati and I finished our shooting. The other (much older) gentlemen present were courteous and thoughtful shooters, even if they did stare at Kati's breasts or ass most of the time. 🙂 Kati and I went to pay and the boys were trying on military gear. One had a flak jacket on - nothing that'd stop a rifle round, but it may stop a few handgun rounds. Kati asked if it'd stop a bullet from my gun, and one of the workers said "I dunno, let's find out" and pointed my gun, chamber closed (magazine sitting on the counter, but still…) at his friend. Kati jumped and I stared wide-eyed.

If I was unsure before about how fucked in the head these boys are, this proved it to me. I don't care how much time you spend around guns, if you're ok with behavior like this, I don't want to be around you. I offered to pay, but the guy said "nah, we're cool, don't worry about it this time." $23 saved right there, all thanks to Kati's breasts. Perhaps they're hoping we come back soon.

Not a chance. 🙁

15 Responses to "Shooting, Day One"

  1. When I was in the Army we had people that could not hit the broad side of a house with a Beretta.

    And you should rewrite your rules so the first rule is "every weapon is cocked and loaded until you can prove otherwise."

  2. My dad collects/repairs/copies and sells antique guns. On a couple of occasions I've witnessed how someone who is quite careful, quite intelligent and generally not a dumbass can completly cock up concerning unloaded vs loaded.

    Once, my brother and I were watching TV and my dad was working in the back of the room. He said "hey guys, there's going to be a smallish click" and then "BOOM" theres a hole in the floor. A second time, he was in the next room and we heard the blowtorch light up and then another shot that left a hole in two walls. Antique guns loaded with hundred year old powder and shot that he just assumed were empty.

    Perhaps this goes to part of my generally negative opinion of guns. IMHO, no matter how safe you think you're being with them, no matter how many precautions and steps you take to ensure everything goes ok: accidents happen. And with guns, accidents end lives. With golf, accidents lose you a golf ball.

  3. Not to beat a dead horse here, Mr. Schmidt, but let me rephrase your last paragraph a little bit:

    Perhaps this goes to part of my generally negative opinion of cars. IMHO, no matter how safe you think you're being with them, no matter how many precautions and steps you take to ensure everything goes ok: accidents happen. And with automobiles, accidents end lives. With golf, accidents lose you a golf ball.

    I've handled guns for 15 years; in that time I've had exactly zero accidents. In the same amount of time, my grandmother has been in 5 accidents; my mother in 3, my brother in one. I had two friends die in car accidents. Another had a hip shattered and will walk on a cane for the rest of his life.

    Shall we restrict cars, as well? Accidents do happen, you know, no matter how carefully you drive.


    Sorry about your experience on the range. There's definately some stupid, stupid gun owners out there. For some reason, automatic weapons especially seem to bring it out in people. I've had a lot of success in public, outdoor ranges - for some reason, they seem to attract a better breed of gun owner.

    On the other hand, I just purchased a gun in Alachua, and the owner of the store only let me pick up the gun after noon on the day after the waiting period. So there are a few responsible people out there.

    How were the grips on that gun? You take a look at Hogue rubber grips; I've had a lot of success with them, and they do greatly increase the overall "look" of the gun.

  4. Have I mentioned that you gun crazy yanks are.... well, gun crazy? 🙂

  5. This blog is really going downhill lately....

  6. Heaven forbid, Patrick, that someone does something with which you do not agree!

  7. Joshua, yes, you're right. In my mind though the difference between a firearm and an automobile is a bit much to apply the same logic to them. But your point is taken.

  8. Erik Erik Erik... always CHECK to see that a firearm is unloaded, never trust someone else's word when they say it's unloaded. It's a courtesy to show someone else that the chamber is clear, but if you're not checking yourself even after you've seen that it's empty you're not habitual enough about checking yet.

  9. Huh Gary? I did check. I always check. I don't take guns from people without first asking THEM to check, and then checking myself.

  10. Oh. You kinda left that bit out.

  11. Mr. Tompkins, sir, I believe you'll notice that Mr. Schmidt did not say he thought guns should be banned, controlled, or otherwise regulated. He just said he has a generally negative opinion about them.

    I have a generally negative opinion about them myself. I reject the idea of gun prohibition (though I am quite keen on reasonable regulation), and I enjoy spending time at the range. Doesn't change the fact that I recognize that guns are very dangerous and one has to be serious around them. Guns and play do not go together. If you're particularly attached to your blood, that is.

  12. Erik, I just love the response you have gotten from these gun entries. I for one am more endeared with NSLog. I have found what you have to say interesting, and I don't want my box of crayons all the same color.

    To be on topic, sounds like a wise move to stay away from that shooting center. The only official ranges I've shot at have been outdoors (Scouts, and a gun club up on a mountain) and I don't have any complaints. I'm sure there are good indoor ones to be found.

  13. I would prefer an outdoor range as well, but there don't seem to be many nearby.

  14. Erik, I agree with Caleb. I finally have a one stop page to get all the latest OS X and firearm news! My two favorite things!

    Keep up the good work, and don't let anybody deter you to do otherwise.

  15. Wow. The number of folks who feel compelled to use this as an anti-gun pulpit is amazing.

    My rules are similar to yours, the most significant difference is regarding #4:

    Never point a gun at something you don't intend to destroy.

    When applied to people, it becomes: Never point a gun at someone you don't intend to shoot and kill.