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QotD: Fahrenheit

Question: Are you going to see Fahrenheit 9/11?

My Answer: I'm sitting in the theater right now blogging from my phone, so yes.

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3 Responses to "QotD: Fahrenheit"

  1. No, no and no.

    Now I understand that one can't truly be critical of a film not seen, but I know Michael Moore's work and I simply cannot stomach his methods. He's not about putting a spotlight on the truth, he's about making himself look good by twisting partial truthes into horrific tales of woe our nation is enduring while politicians are having their cake and eating it too. I'm no fool, I know there's more going on than us common folk are told about, and it would be nice to get an honest, truthful insight into what really goes on… but Moore isn't interested in doing that.

  2. Yep, saw that 3:00pm show in a theater an hour away.

    I see Moore as any other media source. You have to check his facts and draw your own conclusions. I've trackedbacked my review to yours for my complete feelings on the experience.

  3. Bowling for Columbine won an Oscar and Fahrenheit 9/11 won the prestigious Palme d'Or award at the Cannes film festival. I don't think he's won an Emmy, but I could be wrong.