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QotD: Parties

Question: What do you see as the single biggest difference between the Democratic and Republican parties?

My Answer: One's led by an idiot and one is led by a scary, scary looking man? I don't know. In the past few years, I've seen what separates the two parties collapse, rebuild, and muddle around. In other words, I haven't got a clue what really separates them. I side with Republicans on some issues, I side with Democrats on others, and on others still I disagree with everyone.

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8 Responses to "QotD: Parties"

  1. Well, I don't vote along party lines either. That's just dumb. In this election, I'm voting for Kerry primarlily because I've already seen what they idiot's done, and I figure that the scary looking man might be better. Even if only slightly. I don't envy the next president's job though. There's a big mess to clean up.

  2. At one time, I was clearly in one party. Then my party changed and no longer represented my interests. Now I see more and more how the parties represent special interests more than my own. Perhaps other than some ideological interests (which can always be bought out), the parties are two sides of the same coin.

  3. There really aren't many differences between the Republicans and Democrats. Consider the Libertarian Party.

  4. C"mon, Bush isn't *that* scary-looking. My vote is to start our own party, the Pragmatic party.

  5. QotD: Parties

    Based on a question Erik asked here, I'd say that the main difference between Republicans and Democrats is that Democrats tax and spend whereas Republicans lower taxes and spend. The benefit to lowering taxes is that it spurs the economy and causes g...

  6. Anarchy. It's the only way to be.

  7. The fundamental difference between the GOP and the Democratic party is that republicans believe that there is a certain correct way to live, and that law should promote the set of values that coincide with that way of life. Democrats believe that people should be more free to be different, to have values that aren't congruent with their neighbor, where those values don't result in a direct impact on that neighbor.

    Someone smarter than I said that the diffference between republicans and democrats is the difference between parents who will let a baby cry through the night to break it of the habit, and parents who will come into the room and nurture the child.

    Both are viable options, but they can't co-exist without conflict.

  8. dem. pro-chioce rep. pro-life./dem.non welfare reform rep. welfare for only a certain number of years./ dem. higher income families should have extra taxes to be put where the government thinks it is needed and absolutly no tax breaks.rep.higher income families should have option of what they donate to places not be made to and tax breaks should be given across the board. The rest verries from person to person including the war in Iraq and on terrorism but those are the biggest differences.