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QotD: CDs

Question: Do you listen to CDs anymore?

My Answer: No. I buy them, but I just put them in, rip them, and put them away.

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10 Responses to "QotD: CDs"

  1. Rarely. Since my wife bought a new car with a CD player, I only listen to a CD when I'm driving her car.

    Personally? Never. If I buy a CD, instead of buying them from iTMS which is how I usually aquire my music, I ust rip it and put them away as well. It's much easier that way.

  2. Erik: Is there any reason you don't use the iTMS then?

  3. I do use iTMS. Sometimes I like to own the actual CD and get stuff at more than 128 kbps, too.

  4. I don't have an iPod, so anytime that I'm not at my computer and I want to listen to my music, I have to have either an mp3 CD (if I'm at another computer like at work) or an honest-to-goodness CD (often burned that day, but sometimes the original).

    If anybody has a spare iPod kicking around, head on over to my site to let me know;).

  5. Sometimes, but I prefer records.

  6. Point taken. I have to buy all my songs via CD and not having the iTMS down here is one reason I miss America.

  7. Buy, rip, place in shelf.

    And in the last five years I haven't bought a single CD that I didn't download first. Got to do a quality check, you know.

    My downloading albums increases the likelyhood of buying the CD, no matter what the music mafia is trying to spin. It if's something I really really like, I want to have the CD in my shelf even if I got the contents for free from the 'net.

    Also, I always re-rip it from the CD even if I have the downloaded version. That way I know it's ripped in good quality with a good encoder.

  8. Compact Disc

    I have tried to give up on the Compact Disc recently, only to fail. I was really fired up about the iTMS when it came out and have used it regularly since its inception, but still have trouble kicking my...

  9. I use a CD player in the car and at the gym.

    I also have an old Sony 100-disc changer, which I occasionally use when I want to hear music without hearing the whining fans of my G4.

  10. If I actually buy a CD, I expect to get my money's worth. I try to purchase CD directly from the band, usually at the show. Then I open my shiny new album exactly once, to rip it. Then it's onto the shelf. If I want to listen to said CD somewhere besides my computer (ie my car, or main stereo) I simply burn a copy.