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PulpFiction Wins ADA Runner-Up

ada-cubes.jpgPulpFiction just won the runner-up Apple Design Award for "Best Mac OS X Technology Adoption." Details to follow tomorrow. Also rumors about Travolta and "squoze" jokes to follow, undoubtedly.

12 Responses to "PulpFiction Wins ADA Runner-Up"


  2. Congratulations! Way to go!

  3. The announcer asked something like "shouldn't that be freshly squoze software?"

  4. Look for Apple to copy it and include their version in OS X 10.5 "Copycat". 😉


  5. As a user, I can see why! Great job FSS!

  6. The person announcing the award said "shouldn't it be freshly squoze?" or something like that as they finished mentioning PF. Or something like that.

  7. All the congratulations are well deserved. Well done.

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  9. Congratulations, what an honor!

  10. They like you, they really like you!

    It just goes to show that sometimes hard work and dedication to your craft will not go unnoticed. Congratulations.

  11. Another congratulations.

  12. My friend Dave just let me know that PulpFiction earned 4½ mice in the March issue of Macworld. Better still is the fact that they reviewed PulpFiction 1.1.1 which, though a good piece of software, lacks quite a few nice...